Front End Developer

Front End Developer

by Richard Broughton – 30th January 2018


Working alongside our Front end Solutions Architect, you will be focused on developing front end code for websites using the latest web technologies.

You will probably have a recognised qualification in development, with at least three years’ industry experience and will bring a wealth of knowledge in the area of JavaScript frameworks. You will be looking to move into a role where you can build user-centric websites that embrace great looking content and where your technical output will deliver on marketing-focused objectives.

You will be building web templates for our client websites that will be implemented into CMS software. You will create device agnostic static web templates that are SEO friendly, componentised, and follow a style-guide driven format.

You will work with the Frontend Solutions Architect to define the technical deliverables of new projects, and implement those deliverables in a maintainable, professional and rational way. You will contribute code to new and existing projects, and maintain and support existing projects and applications, and directly input into MTM’s vision of a technical centre of excellence.


  • Collaborating with our lead developers and the project development team to determine needs and applying / customizing existing technology to meet those needs
  • Maintaining and supporting multiple projects and deadlines
  • Recording work progress on a weekly basis
  • Producing development documentation


  • HTML5 + templating engines like Pug(Jade), Haml or Twig
  • CSS3 + SCSS or PostCSS
  • Vanilla JavaScript + ES6 syntax
  • System Automation – Gulp, WebPack
  • Modern Web Standards
  • Building XHR-driven Web Applications


      • JavaScript Animation Tools – HTML5 Canvas API, Three.js, GSAP Animation Library
      • JavaScript Unit Testing – Mocha, Chai, Jasmine
      • Any JavaScript-Based Mobile Development Frameworks e.g. Titanium, React-Native or Ionic
      • Any User Experience (UX) or Information Architecture (IA) Skills
      • Automated UI Testing e.g. Selenium UI


  • Agile, SCRUM, Kanban or XP (Extreme Programming)
  • Mobile Development Skills in iOS, Android, Java, C++, Cocoa API or Swift
  • Experience w/ Cucumber, Behaviour-Driven-Development or Acceptance-Test-Driven Development
  • Any SysOps Experience (Linux, Ubuntu, Apache2, NGINX, Windows Server, IIS)
  • Development Environment Virtualisation (e.g. Docker, Vagrant and Ansible)
  • Virtual Infrastructure e.g. Azure, Amazon AWS or Digital Ocean
  • Linux Programming – Command Line Scripting, Bash Scripting
  • Build and Deployment Automation e.g. Jenkins, DeployHQ, TeamCity and Octopus Deploy


  • Up to £50K depending on experience


    • This is a fantastic opportunity for a front end developer to become a valuable member of a digital team where you will make a valuable contribution.
    • You will be working in a fast moving exciting environment with a great team who will help motivate you to new levels.
    • Our open plan studio with free parking is based on the waterside in Southampton.
    • Working as part of a growing digital team within an integrated marketing agency with an enviable list of global clients.
    • We are a caring considerate employer offering a good working environment and opportunities for training and professional advancement.


This opportunity is not available through any recruitment agencies, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THIS EXCITING OPPORTUNITY WITH The MTM Agency THEN GET IN TOUCH DIRECTLY

Gordon Hawes

[email protected]