Creating dynamic content… is so easy!

by Richard Broughton – 15th November 2010

We chat to Phil Draper, editor and publisher for Yachtbuilder International, about online video and why he thinks it is so popular.

With the rise of digital PR, new communication channels – specially designed or well suited to the online world – have been growing rapidly in popularity. None more so than video, and we love it! Video gives us the opportunity to explain complex technical messages in a way that engages and appeals to a very wide spectrum of audience groups, and for many, represents a far more appealing way to digest information than reading an article, either on or offline.

There are huge advantages to creating video and the trend towards digital, self produced video makes it even easier to create fantastic coverage for little or no cost. We’ve had some great wins from video which we’ve arranged or produced but rather listen to me talk about it, I spoke to veteran marine journalist and digital publisher, Phil Draper.

For those of you who aren’t already familiar with Phil’s latest project, Yachtbuilder International is the all-digital boatbuilding/OEM media platform. It consists, which carries a mix of industry and product news and in depth analysis, as well as a searchable archive and essential source-book directories and calendars. Plus, it hosts Yachtbuilder International Magazine, which we believe is the world’s most advanced yachting-business read – a cross between a bi-monthly magazine and television!

How do you use video within Yachtbuilder International?

We use lots of video editorially. We embed video clips into the pages of our all-digital magazine. When our readers/viewers find an article that interests them, they will very probably play one of the video clips first. The reason’s simple. Why read, when you can watch and listen? The delivery system is so simple.

What have your readers told you they want from video?

Video takes the reader/viewer to the story source. They are there with the journalist. They hear the questions asked and can listen to the answers. They get to see the personalities and can watch systems and processes working. Video in the hands of a B2B journalist is an enormously powerful tool. Video is already important, but it will become even more so in the years ahead as media companies understand how to deliver it profitably. We believe we are at the cutting edge of a media revolution.

If you could give three tips for creating good quality, newsworthy content, what would they be?

Don’t make videos just a sales speech. People don’t like commercials online, unless they are incredibly interesting; few are. Otherwise they turn off. Unlike TV, internet video must be elective. Display advertising works in our all-digital page-turning magazine because readers/viewers will happily turn through ad pages to get to more interesting editorial. Internet video clips can’t be delivered that way without being irritating. And keep it natural. Better to be clear and concise and get 50 per cent of the message across naturally, than try to script everything into one over-complicated clip.

For those who haven’t seen it, where do they need to go?

They should check out and see how Yachtbuilder International uses video clips, including a few done with Merchant Marketing! Click once on the magazine front covers on the right-hand side and follow the instructions. This is 21st century publishing!