Facelift for future fibres by leading web development company

by Richard Broughton – 27th May 2010

To improve visitor’s experience, introduce more dynamic content, improve Google rankings and simply offer an updated and rejuvenated look for 2010, MTM has now completed a news and homepage facelift for Future Fibres.

MTM account manager, Richard Broughton, takes up the story: “The old homepage, which we designed back in 2006, had begun to look a little static, with content remaining unchanged. With some search engines now reviewing content on a real-time basis, it has become even more important for sites to ensure new and dynamic content is always being created. When a site is constant, with little or no changes week on week, ranking highly becomes more difficult without significant traffic.

“The rejuvenation has introduce news, events and video portals onto the home page, fed directly from their respective sections within FutureFibres.com. In addition to the introductory text, which will remain, the new homepage will show the latest news in more detail, offer a direct link to the new video section and offer information on the latest up-coming events and featured projects. The page will also present a direct link to the Future Fibres’ social media outlets – offering visitors the chance to join in and become more involved with the company.”

News section

Broughton continued: “The idea behind a redesign of the news page was to introduce a more dynamic interface for visitors, offering a wider range of information and more detail from the landing news page. The new design reflects more of an online newspaper feel, showing featured Future Fibres items and displaying more information on selected news stories with relevant videos. External featured items, which are either relevant to the company or industry have also streamed in to ensure content is constantly being updated and the site becomes known for a lot of accurate and informative news.”