Marketing terms that will reach the boardroom in 2012

by Richard Broughton – 3rd April 2012

As we plough in 2012, several terms have started to rear their cringeworthy heads. Although most will be short lived, destined to be viewed as fads of the past by the time the next world cup kicks off, some may stand the test of time. Here are a few of the best/worse.


Definition: SoLoMo is the blend of social, local and mobile. It represents the growing marketing trend of targeting consumers based on their current location with content or promotions designed to be shared via social networks.


Definition: Plussification (also spelt ‘plusification’) describes how people signed into a Google account will get personalised search results featuring pages shared with them on Google+. It means higher search rankings for pages shared via the +1 button.


Definition: The idea is that people want to buy and do business with brands that they ‘like’. The inventor of this idea, Rohit Bhargava, says that companies can measure the contribution of being ‘liked’ to the economics of a brand.


Definition: Tradigital is the fusion of traditional and digital. When applied to marketing, it effectively means applying traditional principles of marketing and branding to the digital space in order to gain competitive advantage.