Africa 200

What a ride!

by Alice – 12th December 2016

One continent. Twelve bikers. Two mountains. Their challenge? To traverse the 10, 000 km in between. Our challenge? To create an enduring record of the adventure of a lifetime - allowing their memories to last long after the dust clouds have dispersed.

MTM Against the Clock

This project was a little different for us. What’s more, we had only two weeks to complete it. But with our proven ability to provide a highly-agile, bespoke service, and our experience with the previous Africa trip two years previous (Africa 100), we were able to create a website specifically tailored to the team’s requirements. The new site included everything the riders and their families would need; an easy-to-use interface for uploading content on the move and a well-designed platform for communication with friends and family. Those left at home could chat with the explorers and each other to ensure they felt the heat of the action, as well as re-live the best bits back home when memories of Table Top Mountain had begun to fade.

Unforgettable Keepsakes

As it turns out, they had little chance to forget. To celebrate their successful return from Africa, we worked with the team from The Pig in Brokenhurst to bring the grassy plains of Malawi to heart of the New Forest. Safari tents, antique tribal spears, leather bound travel journals, as well as coffee table books, DVDs, handmade African bags and even personalised playing cards featuring photos from the trip. With these mementos of the journey, they could celebrate all the fun they’d had with… well, more fun.

Branding a Biker Gang

MTM used its dynamic approach to marketing to treat this personal venture just as we might a public one. Their unique opportunity to travel through Africa was our unique opportunity to display our flair and expertise for a more unusual cause. Through imaginative design, applied to all aspects of the project, we produced an evocative, powerful vision for their journey. A ‘look’ for their adventure.

With individual logos, or nicknames, from Sleazy Rider to Fat Pat, each member became a character in their own easy rider road-movie. Intrepid explorers, trail-blazing through the bush, scuffed boots, red neckerchiefs and rebellious hair. Each day of the month-long adventure became a chapter in the book of their expedition. And with daily awards, from Dick of the Day, to Biggest Badass, the travellers could collect badges of honour, a necessity in any biker gang!

With Africa 200, we succeeded in giving the team of explorers a cohesive identity, capturing each rider’s personality. Essentially, we transformed this motley crew of cruisers into their own brand, if you will. Something iconic. Along the way, we turned a holiday with some mates into a story – an epic.