Benning UK

Empowering the provider of power solutions

by Alice – 12th December 2016

Benning is a global power protection and conversion specialist based in Germany but aiming to assert its presence in the UK. Faced with this challenge, a full brand appraisal followed.

In Germany, Benning’s product quality, esteemed service delivery, enduring commitment to sustainability, and engineering excellence, are firmly established. But we needed to adapt and develop its message to a UK audience and ensure its tone of voice was appropriate for the UK market.

Nevertheless, its presence in Germany was our springboard. Through our brand review, we evaluated how Benning presented itself and who its competitors were. This understanding of the company – its history, values and capabilities – was fundamental in allowing us to determine how best to narrate the Benning story. From this assessment could emerge a new, modernised brand identity. Still close to its German parent but ready to begin life across the sea.

Once the spark of this new look and feel was created, we turned up the power. The new brand image was allowed to grow and applied to everything. BenningUK was born.

An online presence for Benning

In business today, online is where it all happens. Hence the importance of a new UK website for Benning – a site focused on encouraging people to get involved.

Clarity is essential to an effective online strategy. Within seconds of arriving at a site, people need to understand what the brand does and how it is relevant to the user. The new Benning site leaves you in no doubt: world-class power solutions.

With the self-assurance of a successful global enterprise, the necessary information is on clear display. The products are effortless to locate, while – given the primary purpose of the site is to generate leads – contact information is available on every page. The sleek and simple navigation means visitors miss nothing, a hitch-free functionality that reflects the engineering excellence at the basis of Benning’s reputation. It is possible to download the latest product documentation and fill in contact forms painlessly but, more than just a brochure site, you can also find updated case studies and the chance to add comments also regularly refreshes content.

The tight, perfectly devised structure of the site adds to the general aura of poise, competence and efficiency that surrounds this brand. The sleek, unostentatious design suggests its quiet self-confidence and outstanding professional experience, and also hints at the global corporation behind it. MTM has refreshed Benning’s presence in the UK, rejuvenating the brand to produce something that is simple and fresh without being naive.