Positioning for the future

by Alice – 12th December 2016

Following a 50-50 joint venture between INEOS and Belgium based chemical specialist Solvey, INOVYN was formed and immediately became Europe’s largest player within the chlorine and vinyls market, with annual sales in excess of €3.5 billion.

As a brand new business, the most important requirements for the site were to present INOVYN’s new identity, explain the business offer and differentiate it from its well-established parents. The site also had to work as a platform from which to sell by effectively communicating INOVYN’s varied product range and revised business practices to all stakeholders.

The new site needed to be highly accessible and fully responsive but, in particular, INOVYN’s management team stressed the importance of offering visitors a highly engaging user experience, with a simple and easy to understand navigation structure that worked across all devices and browsers.

A match made in heaven: Episerver and INOVYN

MTM developed the site using the chosen CMS, Episerver. Episerver is an enterprise-level content management system offering almost limitless potential to rapidly develop and deploy bespoke functionality, with the added benefit of a high degree of internal oversight, scheduling and versioning control. These attributes were felt to offer INOVYN the best opportunity to meet its objectives and provide the framework to expand in the future.

Accommodating historic browsers 

After assessing the analytics for both INEOS and Solvay’s existing websites, it was decided collectively that the website needed to have backwards compatibility down to Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) due to the disproportionately large numbers of visitors who still used the aging browser. In response, MTM utilised a ‘progressive enhancement’ approach, which involved regressing elements of the design to accommodate the limitations of each historic browser.

At the heart of every development decision was MTM’s responsibility to cultivate a positive experience for all the site’s users. This involved a number of benchmark standards being followed, such as guaranteeing that all site code is clean and minified wherever possible, and that all images are automatically optimised for each specific device size by the CMS. Bespoke features, designed to assist INOVYN in reaching its central objectives, included an interactive map, bespoke product selector with filtered contacts and highly flexible page templates that can accommodate new content elements being added in the future without additional development work – minimising operating costs for the site owners.

“By carefully considering the business’ key messages and audiences, INOVYN was able to create a site where the most important content really shines and where aspects of a ‘mobile first’ approach could be included. Elements like a simple burger menu help maintain visual consistency across all devices and ensure minimal clutter on the homepage. Equally, bespoke functionality, such as the global contact finder, provides INOVYN’s customers with added convenience and greater value. Overall, the website undoubtedly achieves its goals and effectively supports INOVYN’s status as a significant, modern chemical business.”

Constantin Anca, Lead Front-end Developer for MTM

Client comment

“MTM came to our attention after its team developed the site, so we knew they already had a strong understanding of our business and audience. From our first meeting it was clear they were our preferred choice for the project; they fully understood our requirements and shortly after presented us with a design concept that challenged our expectations but didn’t alienate any segment of our varied global audience.

 The team’s agile approach ensured they delivered what was promised and deadlines were consistently met. Throughout the project, the team kept the focus on our customers’ needs and delivering a journey that users would find easy and enjoyable. At every step we felt that our project was in good hands, and the experience, knowledge and enthusiasm of the team shows in the finished result.”

Marketing Manager for INOVYN