Sungard Availability Services

High quality managed service with incremental improvements, backed by analytics and UX reviews

by Richard Broughton – 21st April 2020

Moving away from your digital agency can be hard, especially when they are not performing. We made it as easy as possible for SungardAS to bring their corporate website over to MTM's management, a process that was completed without a second of downtime.


Sungard AS is a global leader in IT resilience and recovery, helping businesses around the world transform and secure their IT environments, across cloud, hybrid and legacy infrastructures.

Sungard AS is the provider of choice for more than 70 per cent of Fortune 100 companies, who rely on it to keep mission-critical data and systems available and secure at all times.


Following a new site build through an EpiServer premium partner agency in 2017, Sungard AS had become frustrated with an inflexible approach to the account’s management, with growing costs and lead times and a perceived lack of strategy.

Offering a transparent and highly personal experience, with a dedicated team and a commitment to partnership, Sungard AS tasked The MTM Agency with transferring the site to its management; subsequently commissioning a comprehensive code review and clean up, updating the site to the latest version of EpiServer, and developing an appropriate strategy to cost-effectively improve the site’s performance, design and UX.


During the discovery phase we worked collaboratively with Sungard AS’ experienced digital team in the UK and US, and developed a rapid action plan to resolve the most critical issues and concerns.

Following the transfer – a process that was completed without downtime and without any technical, regression, QA, tracking or analytics documentation – the immediate security, technical and business objectives were reviewed and detailed in comprehensive discovery and UX reports.

The resulting backlog of tasks, covering both the front and backend of the site, were prioritised based on criticality and potential business benefit. A highly-considered approach to every task was essential to ensure Sungard AS’ ongoing investment was maximised and the business’ management team saw visible improvements to the site, whilst also bringing the code up to scratch and removing shared code and dependencies, which had restricted the site’s ability to be updated to the latest version of EpiServer. Each project was documented in accurate ‘Statements of Work’, which included accurate timings, costs and explained the benefit of the activity.

Within six months, the extensive backlog had been completed and the site transformed in terms of performance. Following the clean up and minification of the code, ongoing development costs were significantly reduced.


Following the initial phase of the transfer, and completion of the most critical fixes and improvements, The MTM Agency made a series of recommendations based on the business’ key objectives.

Improve site performance and responsiveness through optimisation of imagery, browser caching, code minification, refactoring and simplification, and adherence to best-practice principles.

Improve organic mobile traffic and increased page load speeds through the inclusion of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

Improve Google goals and search engine optimisation to increase site visibility and organic search performance, working in partnership with Sungard AS’ existing SEO agency.

Overall design refresh and new template development of key areas (Homepage, services, partners, case studies and blog) to improve consistency and UX, and leverage the opportunity to cost-effectively rewrite CSS and JS files.

The tools in use included EpiFind, Pardot, SEO Mogul and Language Wise.


24% increase in overall site users

260%increase in mobile sessions

40% reduction in bounce rate for key landing pages

208% increase in case study anchor page following redesign