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by Alice – 5th April 2018

Witnessing the decline of her pupils’ physical health, Elaine Wyllie, Head Teacher at St Ninian’s Primary School, Scotland, decided it was time for action. What started as a simple idea in her own classroom, soon was adopted by the whole school, engaging pupils and staff in fifteen minutes of physical activity every day. The benefits went beyond physical health, with noticeable improvements in the pupils’ engagement, concentration in the classroom, as well as improving their ability to socialise.

Things moved quickly, and Elaine’s vision was soon fostering a healthy attitude towards exercise amongst school children up and down the country, as well as generating interest from the media. It wasn’t long before The INEOS Foundation discovered the impact The Daily Mile was having and approached Elaine to help support her vision. Having previously launched GO Run For Fun, a global running initiative that inspires children to get involved in organised running events, INEOS saw an incredible opportunity to make a significant difference to children’s health and wellbeing with this simple idea. Keen to see things grow rapidly, Elaine needed little persuasion and The Daily Mile Foundation was born.

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The Challenge

The Daily Mile’s goal was simple – to get primary school children around the world running and aware of the benefits of doing so. It has already become an impactful initiative, endorsed by MPs and local councils and embraced by an ever-growing number of schools across Europe. As momentum grew, The Daily Mile needed an agile digital and creative partner, with experience of working with health and wellbeing initiatives, who could help drive the charity’s global ambitions and position the initiative for the next stage of its development.

Our Approach

Taking inspiration from MTM’s experience of working with charities such as Fertility Network, Myca and IntSNA, the project began by establishing a unique identity that would resonate with The Daily Mile’s target audience. The brand needed to be fun and visually striking, with bold colours and a sense of playfulness that would appeal to children and parents alike. Once the initial branding was agreed, MTM set about applying the look and feel across multiple-channels to establish a cohesive and unified message – creating brochures, event graphics, information packs, promotional clothing, and literature to support funding initiatives with local and national governments.

Thinking Digitally

The Daily Mile needed a way to highlight its ever-increasing achievements, drive continued adoption of its principles and facilitate communication between its international audience. To realise these requirements, The MTM Agency was tasked with creating an exciting online presence for The Daily Mile – a website that would become the hub for its interconnected digital channels. Built on the WordPress content management system (CMS), the site now sits at the centre of a constellation of emulated partner-sites, feeding them with live updates and capturing valuable data on the schools that have agreed to take part – with a single point of data entry that can be easily accessed and displayed across multiple sites.

the daily mile website

The website immediately became the main digital touchpoint between key stakeholders and the charity, and was developed with these critical audiences in mind, incorporating bespoke features that highlight the progress of the initiative and driving new visitors to sign up for regular Daily Mile updates. Within the home page lies an API driven table that provides a live feed of the number of schools taking part, by country, along with case studies, advice on how and why to get involved and the latest press coverage to feature The Daily Mile.

Since its launch, the scope of the website project has consistently grown, reflecting the burgeoning interest in The Daily Mile. To date we have developed websites for the Netherlands, Wales, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain and the US. As a result, vital audiences can be supported within their own territory, working towards establishing The Daily Mile as a truly global success.

In addition to being the exclusive digital agency for the charity, MTM is also responsible for providing support for a range of social campaigns and digital communications to help manage school registrations and providing workshop tools for schools to use, including film and classroom learning assets.

Looking to the future

As The Daily Mile continues to improve the health and wellbeing of children, the potential for the charity’s future growth is seemingly limitless. There are also big plans for pushing the initiative out to even more countries in the coming months and our next project will include the creation of a new global, multi-lingual website that will act as an overarching information hub, as well as initiatives aimed at adults and employers…watch this space.

Latest News

Most recently, to commemorate the City of Manchester becoming the first to adopt The Daily Mile city-wide, we created a bespoke award for the foundation to deliver to the Mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham. This was an important opportunity to celebrate The Daily Mile’s growing success and garner significant interest from the public and stakeholders via the media. Also, if you watched the last ever episode of Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, which aired on ITV, Saturday 7 April 2018, there’s a good chance you saw an advert for The Daily Mile. It’s exciting to see the initiative realising its incredible potential.

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