UPS Limited – a Kohler company

A visually arresting advertising campaign for the power protection company

by Alice – 12th December 2016

UPS Limited is a pioneer in power protection technology, being one of the first to popularise modular and transformerless UPS technology in the UK. But how do you convey brilliant and reliable but, ultimately, complex engineering without slipping into the dry, impenetrable language of tech?

The answer is not to depend on language alone. Our advertising campaigns for UPS Ltd rests on the visual. Taking the concept of sport, we executed a soft rebrand that simplified and brightened the brand image. Literally and figuratively. We emphasised whiteness and light in our imagery, while sportsmen and women were used to represent the values and attributes of the products. In our concept, sports analogies were used to illustrate dedication, commitment, flexibility and power. The vision established is one of peak performance, comparing the athleticism of an individual to the speed, strength and discipline of UPS Ltd’s engineering prowess: secure, durable, robust and reliable.

Clean, uncomplicated and light in all aspects, even typography, we have refreshed the image and revitalised the brand. Smooth and sleek, ready for action, ready to perform.

Through our integrated marketing approach, this new identity was consistently applied to everything from exhibition stands and pull-up graphics to outbound email communications and promotional materials. MTM supports UPS Ltd with a full communications package and a toolbox of marketing instruments that work together, performing at consistently high standards to fulfil all its marketing needs.

What the client said

“UPS Ltd’s key requirement for the visual in our advertising campaign was to grab people’s immediate attention and to uniquely standout from our competition. Delivering the sports concept, MTM certainly achieved that remit. Rolled out across different media, it does a great job of catching your eye as soon as you as you see it – whether you arrive on a print advertising page or see it on our exhibition stands – and it clearly differentiates us from our competitors in the market. With a strong history and experience of working closely with UPS Ltd, MTM always have a strong understanding of what we want and have delivered another successful advertising campaign for us.”

UPS Ltd Marketing Director