UPS Limited – a Kohler company

The making of a thought leader

by Alice – 12th December 2016

Part of the Kohler Corporation’s Global Power Group, Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd (UPS Ltd) is a leading provider of power protection product and service solutions to a diverse customer base, which includes financial services, telecommunications, IT, retail, transport, government, power, oil, gas, water, education, medical, leisure and manufacturing industries.

Following Kohler’s acquisition of Uninterruptible Power Supplies Limited, MTM was commissioned to help grow the company’s media profile within the UK, as well as promoting a raft of new products and the opening of UPS Ltd’s first international office in Singapore.


To help generate media coverage and position UPS Ltd as a thought leader within its markets, MTM commissioned and conducted an industry survey of 2,000 IT professionals on behalf of UPS Ltd. The survey asked respondents to comment on the state of UK power supplies – discussing the frequency of blackouts and the need for critical applications to be supported by a back-up power supply. The results highlighted the concerns of the industry and delivered a valuable insight into IT users’ opinion of the UK’s energy infrastructure.

With the information obtained, MTM created a series of factual releases and feature synopses, which spanned UPS Ltd’s key industries and markets. Coverage was gained from both general distributions, as well as specific placements in key industry titles. This activity was augmented with editorial looking to address other emerging technologies and industry focuses.

Through close editorial relationships and a proactive approach to meeting editors on their own turf, MTM secured at least three nationally distributed features each month, covering IT, finance, retail, data centres, and engineering. The total value of the campaign’s coverage was more than £470,000 and represented a return on investment of nearly 15:1.

The PR activity was conducted in conjunction with a number of other marketing initiatives. This included working with renowned data centre expert, Ian Bitterlin, to produce a free industry book which looked at the issues facing data centre operators and offered advice on maximising efficiency and reducing costs.

A program of free seminars was also organised, with Bitterlin employed to provide a technical presentation on data centre efficiency. The six events were also used as an opportunity to promote UPS Ltd’s product and service offering, and were attended by almost 1,500 senior industry figures.

Recordings of Bitterlin’s presentation were then edited to create a series of short, factual video clips that were then distributed to potential customers via a series of emails, as well as being used within social media channels.



–   160% more coverage in the media

–   Coverage value in excess of 15:1 against PR spend

–   Consistent brand recognition, throughout the year and across all key markets