Twitter Boss: UK brands ‘driving ad innovation’

by Richard Broughton – 15th May 2012

UK brands are ‘leading the charge’ in the way they use Twitter’s ad products, according to Tony Wang, the social-media platform’s UK boss.

More than 140 brands have invested in advertising on Twitter since it launched paid-for opportunities in the UK last September.

Speaking one year after the launch of Twitter’s UK office, Wang said UK brands are using its products, which include Promoted Tweets, Trends and Accounts, in ‘really creative ways’.

‘They are setting a lot of standards which are being benchmarked internally,’ he said, referring to campaigns by brands such as O2, Starbucks and Cadbury.

‘Ones that offer interesting content are rewarded with higher levels of engagement than you see in pretty much any other online advertising.’

Wang refused to break down revenues and declined to comment on pricings, but claimed that Twitter is recording ‘healthy growth’ from all three types of ad product.

Agency sources claim the minimum spend for brands using Twitter is £20,000 for a 24-hour Promoted Account, meaning the site is likely to have raised an estimated £3m in adspend in the UK so far.

In the first public figures from Twitter UK, Wang revealed that 80% of its 10m UK users are active on mobile, compared with 55% worldwide.

Paul Evans, head of media at Xbox, said his brand’s experience of using Promoted Tweets was ‘very positive’. However, he warned of the need for brands to keep evaluating campaign performance.