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A Site Built on Understanding

The Fertility Network website needed a revamp in terms of look, feel, and performance.

The project began by conducting a comprehensive review of the then-current website, auditing the content and resources, and using the site’s analytic data to identify and understand how the site was being used and by whom. This process gave us a clear understanding of what was working well and what wasn’t.

With an accurate understanding of historical performance, we set about creating example audience personas, running a series of workshops with the FN team to define likely scenarios/user objectives and to create goal-oriented visitor flows which would form the site’s structure, and began to define the user’s preferred journey around the proposed site.

We knew that each audience segment required their own bespoke sitemap and suggested journey based on their specific content needs. We spent a lot of time working with FN on the site’s information architecture and, particularly, the labelling and priority of different content sections and categorisation. For example, we simplified the main navigation to promote specific user journeys and ensured that the two principal organisational objectives – their newsletter and opportunities to donate – were well signposted.

We felt that it was important that the website’s design was equally simple and clear, using flat colours and well-spaced typography to allow the content and messages to stand out. The site’s use of imagery is also key to providing warmth and to balance the dominance of white within the design. Everyone agreed that smiling stock photography was to be avoided and that the imagery needed to reflect natural situations and relationships, with real-looking people used to build an emotional connection with the site’s audience.

You can view the Fertility Network website here.