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An integrated agency with global reach, we combine bright thinking, innovative marketing ideas with outstanding digital experiences to make a difference and cut through the noise

Who we are

A Trusted Partner to Market Leaders

Our experienced team helps clients find and capitalise on opportunities to grow. Market leading brands trust us to create and implement go-to-market campaigns and engaging experiences that amplify their message and resonate with their audience.

We make sure their message gets noticed and they are heard.



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We put client satisfaction, creativity, agility and technical excellence first, we apply an approach that gets things done, collaboration between our teams ensures we deliver exciting strategies and solutions that are implemented fast and deliver ROI.


It's a very creative and effective agency. They want the best for their clients and they are really flexible.

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Our Culture

Be Considerate - Treat others with respect and kindness

Make every day count - Collaborate together, create beautiful things and we will truly make a difference

Find a way - Embrace opportunity, push boundaries and solve big problems with simple outcomes

Be remarkable - Look for challenges, think big and exceed expectations

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Connected Experiences

With a clear understanding of stakeholder needs and expectations and with facts, insights and research for guidance, we solve problems. Our planners will look for opportunities to device compelling campaigns, with vision our designers create experiences for our content teams to excel and with innovation we design hi-impact digital experiences for our development experts to craft into future proof solutions. We continue our partner journeys by measuring, learning and testing to continually improve audience engagement and deliver the best possible ROI. Our client retention is exceptional many have been with us since we were trading as Merchant Technology Marketing now known as The MTM Agency with our HQ on the waterside at Ocean Village in Southampton. We are recognised by industry benchmark Drum Recommended as the leading agency on the south coast and top 5 in the country.

Maintaining excellence

Our Memberships and Affiliations

  • CIPR
  • British Marine
  • Dand AD
  • Memberwise
  • ADS
  • Super Yacht UK
  • CIM
  • IDM
  • The Drum Logo

The devil is in the detail when it comes to creating brand experiences that connect.

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We enjoy the mix of creativity and structure, creating systems that enhance your story and support the realisation of bold ambitions.

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We help businesses of all sizes develop effective brand strategies by having a comprehensive understanding of what you do, where you are coming from and where you want to be.

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It is our job to understand how we can leverage your opportunities and negate your challenges through a creative and insight-driven approach to marketing.

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We know that video provides 6x the engagement of text so it is no surprise that the popularity of film and animation continues to grow.

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Across print and digital, our team of designers, copywriters and artworkers create designs that reflect your needs, your audience and your competitive environment.

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We’re not a dev house. We are unafraid of the complex and the technical. Our clients keep coming back to us for complex builds and online solutions because we are dependable, forward-thinking, and always creative.

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An effective digital performance strategy gives your business direction and a set of achievable objectives, whilst maximising your budget and helping to amplify your results.

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It is vital that your online offerings are built and designed with UX in mind to maximise the appeal of your company with your target audience

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Our digital design team is made up of established, experienced and trusted professionals with over a decades’ experience in providing bespoke web designs for a multitude of CMS technologies.

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A PPC campaign is an essential part of a digital performance strategy. It helps to amplify your brand message and ensures that your business is seen and heard.

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Search engine optimisation evolves quickly, but when paired with our experience and expertise, it can deliver results that reach your target audience on multiple channels.

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We believe in audience before action and the power of customer insight to drive digital and social strategies.

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At MTM, we provide a comprehensive website and CMS management service to help maintain and update your website and online presence, and support your ability to make updates to your website content as and when you wish.

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We work with you to define your objectives and understand you and your audience. Only then do we start to create your engaging website. We communicate with you every step of the way and ensure the process is a positive one, from our first conversation onwards.

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Our web design and development team are highly knowledgeable when it comes to the correct CMS option for your needs.

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Our websites are designed and developed by our in-house team of experts who specialise in user-centric experiences that support your business objectives.

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At MTM we create inspirational and bespoke PR and content strategies that engage and influence your target audiences through the channels they actually use

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) isn’t just about fundraising or donating to charity – there are tangible business benefits for companies who embrace a CSR strategy.

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Great internal communication will transform a business; it can give clarity around important changes so it’s important to get it right.

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Understanding the media landscape and nurturing long-standing, personal relationships with key media and influencers is at the heart of what we do at MTM.

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We Work Across a Broad Depth of Industries and Businesses

The MTM Agency’s many years of experience ensures we understand your markets. It also means that we have built active, personable relationships, and understanding with relevant global media, opening doors for you to be seen and heard in new territories with new audiences.


MTM will remain our preferred agency. The working relationship is excellent.


Technology Partners

We Only Partner with the Best in the Business

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