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Environment and Sustainability

From accelerating decarbonisation to building a kinder, more inclusive world, we’ve supported global brands to respond to some of the world’s most important issues.

Delivering measurable change

Informing key stakeholders and building awareness

We understand that there is a growing amount of pressure on organisations to have effective sustainability procedures in place; whether that’s reducing waste, optimising supply chains, sponsoring projects or anything in between. What’s more, in many cases, it is not enough to simply be a part of these initiatives, participation and success needs to be communicated to a wider audience. This is where a solid strategy is critical to effectively communicate your organisation’s ESG activities.

At The MTM Agency, we develop and implement meaningful communication strategies for companies of all sizes, and at every stage of their journey. We help client partners to inform employees and partners, build awareness and advocacy among stakeholders, and secure the attention of target audiences. We will also explore the ways in which ESG feeds into your organisation’s growth, ensuring that we are fully supporting your overall objectives.

Using knowledge and experience, our specialists are adept at solving complex communications challenges, engaging relevant audiences and delivering measurable change for our client partners, their stakeholders and society.

The message

Challenging the norms in communication tactics

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Stakeholder expectations on sustainability efforts are at an all time high. With 47 per cent of the UK actively wanting brands to be socially responsible (GWI data), it has never been more important to not just consider your position when it comes to sustainability, but also how you communicate that position.

The strategy

Without strategy, communication is just noise

In the last ten years (Dec 2013-Dec 2023), search terms related to the topic of sustainability have increased by 88 per cent (Google Trends). So, whether you are running a global organisation or focused on solving a local issue, there is no doubt there is a real need for brands to effectively communicate their ESG priorities.

We will help you put insight and understanding at the heart of your communications. From stakeholder research to establishing a steering group, we will build a sustainability communications solution that reflects the genuine perspective of the people you need to involve. We understand the complexity of language around climate action and social justice, develop clear, evidence-based messages, and enable you to speak out with confidence. We provide senior counsel at every stage of your journey, helping you to navigate issues more effectively and deliver your organisational priorities.


Building and nurturing relationships

To cultivate impactful partnerships for our client partners, we employ a strategic and collaborative approach. Firstly, we conduct a thorough analysis of your values, mission, and target audience to identify charities, initiatives and causes that align seamlessly with your brand identity. This ensures a genuine connection that resonates with both the business and its stakeholders.

Next, we leverage our network and outreach capabilities to identify potential associates that share common goals. Establishing open lines of communication, we initiate discussions to understand the needs and goals of both organisations, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership. As with any partnership, regular communication and impact assessment mechanisms are integral. This helps us to foster transparency and demonstrate the tangible difference the collaboration makes.

By navigating this unified pathway, we strive to forge enduring charity relationships that not only benefit the community, but also enhance our client partner’s ESG initiatives, nurturing goodwill and loyalty among their customer base.

The campaign

Promotion channels and transparent reporting

To put your strategy into practice, our content experts and campaigns specialists come together to promote your brand’s ESG initiatives to target audiences. Effective media relations, award entries, web content, digital marketing and thought leadership all contribute towards building a positive brand for your business. Accountability is vital when the focus is on ESG and sustainability, so with this in mind, we will provide you with insightful reporting and a plethora of campaign metrics, offering a fully transparent approach for both your organisation and stakeholders.


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