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Sustainability Statement

AT MTM we are committed to using our knowledge and creativity to support our people, clients and communities work towards a better future for us all.

MTM recognises the importance of sustainability to our people, clients, and the communities in which we operate. Our approach cuts across the support we provide to our clients on their sustainability journeys, and the active steps we are taking to improve our own performance.

Our Sustainability Statement outlines the measures we are taking today and our future ambitions to place sustainability at the heart of our business, reducing the impact of our operations, working towards Net Zero and making a positive contribution to our communities and the wider society.

Sustainable businesses need to live by their purpose and actively strive to do good. We see the positive impact of our activities every day and our clients benefit from our commitment to sustainability both directly and indirectly.

Gordon Hawes, Managing Director


MTM is a people business, bringing together experts across multiple specialisms to collaborate; identifying and delivering creative solutions to the challenges and opportunities we face.

Creativity is born out of diversity, leveraging the power of new ideas and fresh perspectives to identify innovative solutions and solve complex challenges. Gender, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, religion and disability all have meaning and significance to the work we do and the environment we create within the business. We actively look to find diverse voices to join our team, not to fill a quota but to positively impact our output and to build a brand that is reflective of our society and those we are looking to engage.

Supporting our teams on their own development journey is also critical to our growth. We empower our people with the opportunity to decide on the training that they want or need, with individual training budgets for all team members to enable them to thrive.

Our focus areas

· Listening to the needs of our teams to support their personal and professional development

· Actively supporting our people’s physical and mental health and wellbeing through the provision of private healthcare and mental health support services.

· Fostering an inclusive culture that is respectful of all thoughts, opinions, and beliefs

· Showcasing why MTM is an exciting and rewarding place to work to enable us to attract and retain the most talented, creative and inspiring team members.

· Living up to our values, creating an atmosphere where our teams are empowered to do extraordinary work.

· Offering attractive compensation and working practices.


We believe it is the responsibility of all businesses to take positive steps to tackle the climate crisis. MTM works with its clients to minimise our carbon footprint and reduce the impact our operations have on the environment and by 2030, MTM aims to be a net zero business.

We see the role we play in tackling climate change as intrinsically linked with our business activities and we look to partner and collaborate with our clients and suppliers to help deliver against our individual and collective goals.

Our focus areas

· Achieving net zero in our own operations by 2030

· Sourcing 100% of our electricity from renewable sources by 2029.

· Provide our teams with access to bike purchase schemes and provide secure on site storage for bikes

· Reducing waste and improving resource efficiency.

· Champion a paperless office policy

· Remove single-use plastics from our offices and provide reusable water bottles and other equipment to our teams

· Work with third-party providers to recycle our IT and office equipment

· Working with clients to stimulate action on climate change and the environment.


We help clients reach their sustainability goals in a multitude of ways. From recommending environmentally friendly products and services to offering recycling of print and event materials to collaborating with our clients to develop their sustainability policies, we actively look for ways, both big and small, in which we can have a positive impact on their operations.

We are committed to always acting to the highest ethical standards across our business and to living by our values of honesty, transparency, and integrity. We also continuously review and validate our business policies and practices to ensure we continue to maintain the highest levels of compliance across sustainability, ethics, human rights, privacy, and data security.

Our focus areas

· Actively recommending sustainable products and services and challenging requests that go against our sustainability principles

· Leveraging the latest technology and sustainable materials, alongside our creativity, to inspire our clients and their audiences to think about sustainability.

· Supporting our clients to create and develop brands that are sustainability focused and which adhere to their purpose, integrating sustainability and diversity, equity and inclusion.

· Maintaining the highest ethical standards in our client relationships and output.


We aim to use our creativity and professional capabilities to support our local community and others.

We support a number of not-for-profit and charitable organisations with reduced commercial rates for marketing and creative services.

We prioritise supporting local suppliers and businesses wherever possible.

We encourage and empower our teams to use their knowledge and experience to support other communities through speaking opportunities and knowledge sharing.

Our focus areas

· Supporting local businesses and suppliers, particularly SMEs.

· Empowering our teams with time off to share our knowledge and creativity with local causes and not-for-profit organisations

· Providing free or reduced rates for charities and other not-for-profit organisations

· Encouraging our people to volunteer their time and skills.

Responsible business

We actively look to reduce risks to our business and clients by maintaining clear policies and procedures in areas such as anti-slavery and human rights, equality and diversity, data security, ethical conduct, and supply chain management.

We believe in providing our teams, clients, and other stakeholders with the highest levels of transparency and demonstrating our ethical practices. The standards, policies and procedures we set are publicly available and regularly reviewed.

Respect for human rights is a fundamental principle for MTM. We aim to prevent, identify and address any negative impacts on human rights associated with our business activities.

Our focus areas

· Embedding ethical standards including clear policies, compliance processes and ethics.

· Setting clear standards and expectations for our suppliers and communicating these expectations.

· Conducting due diligence to identify risks in our operations and wider supply chain.

· Regularly reviewing privacy risks and data security practices in our businesses.