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Hosting & Support

We can build a tailored hosting and support package to meet your specific needs


We provide reliable hosting and a proactive support team

We only use industry-leading hosting providers to ensure that every website MTM hosts is backed up by robust and secure hardware infrastructure, with redundancy wherever appropriate. We actively take preventative measures to avoid website downtime, and everything is monitored constantly so should something go wrong our support staff will be the first to know and will do everything they can to get your website back online as quickly as possible.


MTM actively monitors the availability of all servers, websites and supporting services covered by an SLA

It is our aim that your website and supporting infrastructure never have any downtime, and our high-availability, cloud-hosting service is designed with that target in mind. MTM, in conjunction with its hosting providers, commits to 99%+ availability on hosted websites, with availability defined as the ability to serve content from the Content Management System (CMS) on which the website has been built.


Our high availability hosting automatically negates many of the causes of downtime common with traditional hosting, ensuring that your website continues to perform without interruption

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The hosting infrastructure is continuously monitored, meaning that our staff are aware of any problems as soon as they occur. In the unlikely event that you need to contact MTM with a hosting related problem, we commit to resolve your hosting issue as quickly as possible.
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Providing Peace of Mind

When you come on board with one of our monthly hosting and support packages, you can rest assured that we are here whenever you need us and your website is being managed to keep it in tip-top condition. There are no long-term contracts or tie-ins. You can cancel at any time (with one month’s notice) and we’ll even package up your website and pass it to your new partner, free of charge.


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