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At MTM, we create inspirational and bespoke PR and content strategies that engage and influence your target audiences through the channels they actually use.


Our campaigns are built to catch the eye, turn the head and stop the thumb. We know how to earn attention.

Understanding the media landscape and how it constantly evolves is critical to what we do. We combine our long-standing experience with insight and data analysis to give our client partners cut-through in highly competitive environments. Being part of an integrated agency, our PR team has an understanding and the experience to leverage and complement all planned media channels.

Gone are the days that success should be judged by endless coverage books of (meaningless) hits, aiming to demonstrate that volume equals success. The industry has moved on. Not only should client partners expect results that actually make a difference, PR partners should embrace new channels to deliver meaningful content to all stakeholders.

Our team is packed with some of the top talent in the PR industry, loaded with energy, enthusiasm, and most importantly, a genuine love of what we do. Our client partners include global brands looking to change perception, through to innovative start-ups with big ambitions.


The content we create – and the channels we use to deliver it – is how we encourage behavioural change and deliver on your objectives.

Our approach to PR focuses on developing tailored strategies, reaching agreed audiences and achieving specific goals - no one size fits all. Crucially, that attention we drive is designed to generate a measurable shift in the audience. Conversations which drive changes in attitude and behaviour. We know how to trigger a meaningful reaction.




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