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Driving brand visibility for Raymarine in non-marine media environments PR / Media Relations

The Brief

Creating opportunities to reach new audiences

Raymarine makes high-performance marine electronics for the recreational boating and light commercial marine markets. With a legacy of marine navigation technology spanning over 80 years, Raymarine products are renowned today for their ease-of-use, rugged design, and reliability.

After regularly securing media coverage for client partner Raymarine in marine media across EMEA markets, MTM recommended an additional approach to create compelling stories and events to target new media sectors, reaching a wider audience.

The Challenge

Gaining new media interest for marine electronics

Despite its critical role in navigation, safety, and entertainment, marine electronics often remains overlooked by mainstream media. The industry often explores the subject of innovation in yacht design, but the tech that drives the vessel is often just as interesting (just not as sexy). The complexity and specialised nature of these systems might contribute to this oversight, as explaining concepts like sonar technology and GPS navigation requires a deeper understanding that might not resonate with the broader audience.

MTM aimed to tackle this challenge by creating a series of always-on targeted campaigns tailored to specific media outlets, running alongside the core marine media programme. Having worked with these media titles for many years, we have developed a strong understanding of what topics they are interested in. These lifestyle campaigns spotlighted the crucial role of marine electronics in ensuring safe, enjoyable, and efficient experiences on the water - catering to weekend sailors, explorers, and families alike, thereby appealing to a diverse audience.

It's important to note that individuals are exposed to a combination of media types, and their opinions are often shaped by the collective influence of various sources. We know that Raymarine’s end user is not just exposed to marine media, therefore imperative that we build visibility outside of this media heartland. This is what’s known as media pluralism and refers to the diversity of media sources available to individuals. Research from the European Commission indicates that exposure to a variety of media outlets can contribute to a more informed opinion on a certain topic or brand.

The objective was to craft engaging, informative campaigns tailored to each media outlet, with the ultimate aim of encouraging journalists to cover a subject that might not typically captivate their audience’s interest. We shifted the focus away from just the product instead making them tangible to what the products enabled for the customer - the lifestyle, whether that be a safe experience on the water, the ability to explore uncharted territories or shift to living aboard a vessel.

The Solution

Creativity is key

After an extensive creative collaboration, the PR team curated various media campaigns and strategies to pique the interest of the target media.

MTM has formed a strategic group of lifestyle writers, each identified for their expertise in specific vertical markets. The Collective comprises highly-informed experts that help to accelerate and elevate the lifestyle communications strategies for client partners. Each of the advisors have been hand selected and have worked with the MTM PR team for many years. The team utilised this group to sound-check the ideas created for Raymarine and welcomed different view-points that both challenged and encouraged their strategies.

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The Powerboat Challenge

One initiative, dubbed ‘The Powerboat Challenge,’ took centre stage - a media event designed for journalists to immerse themselves in the technology. Collaborating with Raymarine’s UK country manager, the team identified a boating school utilising Raymarine electronics and crafted invitations for lifestyle media journalists to partake in the Powerboat Level 2 course at the school.

The MTM team, using data and insight tools, identified key media with broad reach, and curated a targeted list ready to invite.

Spanning three days, the event drew attendees from the Financial Times, The Red Bulletin magazine, Active Explorer Magazine, and Luxurious Magazine - none of which had previously covered marine electronics. The PR team actively participated in the event, aligning key messaging and ensuring journalists had an exceptional experience.

Tasked with a comprehensive scope, the team managed travel, accommodation, course logistics, and communications, aiming for an end-to-end media experience. Their focus extended to ensuring optimal coverage post-event.

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Another initiative was to create a lifestyle experience at the Cannes Yachting Festival to enable journalists to see and experience the Raymarine technology in situ. The MTM team worked together with Raymarine to ensure the journalists experienced a variety of boats, from varying boat brands, appealing to different audiences with different interests and budgets. This enabled the journalists to experience Raymarine gadgets in a variety of environments and highlighted how the technology can make boating easier, safer and more fun. To enhance the experience, journalists were invited to a private dinner at a villa overlooking Cannes marina, providing the opportunity for them to speak to and have a closer experience with the Raymarine team and products. Participating media included the Netherlands’ leading men’s lifestyle magazine, Manify, global adventure magazine, The Red Bulletin, and Forbes.


Proactive broadcast pitching

The team proactively identified opportunities to engage fresh audiences across broadcast media. We engaged with Shine TV, on its new series of Celebrity Hunted, a national UK TV series which has gained momentum since its launch in 2017. We pitched the use of Raymarine marine electronics and Teledyne FLIR thermal imaging cameras to the production team and the idea of taking the high-octane ‘hunt’ onto the water.

Determined to secure placement for both brands on national TV, the PR team with Shine TV. It managed boat location, NDA agreements, and ambassador availability, ensuring all requirements were met. On the day of filming, the PR team accompanied the film crew, ensuring that Raymarine technology was captured and received optimal on-screen coverage.


⁠We secured coverage for Raymarine in new target media sectors, reaching new audiences, including global titles The Red Bulletin and Forbes.com.

Online lifestyle coverage reach
viewers reached from national broadcast coverage


“In my experience, The MTM Agency is as responsive and helpful as you could wish for. With creative flair and an unerring ability to predict exactly what editors will be looking for next, working with the team is always a positive experience. A recent event was exceedingly well-organised, and it was crystal clear that the team behind it had spared no effort to ensure things ran smoothly.”

Mark Mayne, Active Explorer Magazine