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Social Media Strategy

The strength of MTM’s Social media offer lies in its human approach and being part of an integrated service offer. We help brands build communities, nurture relationships and drive meaningful conversations across media channels.

Social Media Strategy

Strategy Development

Building an authentic social media strategy that’s modelled around your audience.

A successful social media strategy relies on reaching your audience in the most relevant and authentic way possible. Whether we are building on an existing strategy or developing a specific campaign, we evaluate your brand then tailor a social media strategy that is shaped by data, insight and creativity. We think of your social media strategy as more than just a plan, it’s a direct channel to your target market that helps you amplify your brand voice, build trust, raise brand awareness and encourage conversation.

As part of the process, we will work with you to understand and analyse your goals. We conduct a social audit to see how your channels are currently performing and where we might be able to implement instant changes for improvement. As part of the process, we will utilise specialist insight and discovery tools to identify and analyse your target audience, scope out your competitors, the industry landscape and relevant trends we can leverage.

Our social strategy specialists have wide ranging expertise that spans several different disciplines, a benefit when crafting a creative, comprehensive social strategy for your business. These include, but aren’t limited to, content and creative strategy, channel and community management, content creation, social auditing and conversation listening, page and post analysis and reporting. As well as aligning the campaign with other planned communications

Social media training

Plan. Produce. Publish.

An always-on service that reinforces your brand

By supporting your business with the day-to-day supervision of your social channels, we are not only able to ensure the strategy is being adhered to, but that as a team, we are making the most of your online presence. This means we can discuss, refine and optimise your strategy to get the very best out of your channels.

As part of your social media management, we will plan and develop a content calendar to map out when, where and how your content will be published. In addition, we’ll monitor all your platforms, listening to your audience and engaging with them in a way that matches your brand’s tone of voice, allowing for continuity and trust promotion. Our aim is to demonstrate to your audience that you are present, reliable, listening to and actively engaging with your followers. This, in turn, helps to build a community and encourage real conversations.

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Content that connects

Effective communication that resonates with your audience

The content shared across your social media channels is usually one of the first and most impactful touchpoints your audience has with your brand, company or product. And the experience they receive will often define the type of impression or connection they will subsequently have with you. That’s precisely why we specialise in creating social content that’s relevant, authentic, rich in emotion and tells a story, all to help develop a bond between you and your audience.

We achieve this connection by tailoring and varying content across platforms, to ensure each channel’s capabilities are maximised.

Social narrative is key, so we make sure that there’s always a recognisable thematic element that allows users to identify your content at a glance. Whether it's eye-catching graphics, impactful videos or persuasive messaging, our team ensures consistent, high-quality content that resonates with your target audience.

Social Media Strategy

Analyse, learn and optimise

Data insights shape everything we do for your brand

We analyse the data that’s influenced your current social plan, and collaborate with you to create a fully optimised, future-proof strategy.

Detailed analytics and performance reports for both the pages and content are the cornerstone of how we continually develop your brand’s social strategy. Delving into what is and isn’t working allows us to adapt and optimise campaigns to increase awareness, reach and engagement.

Our reports include any key trends we might see from user engagement, and we highlight both effective and ineffective content, adding actionable recommendations for the future.

In addition, comprehensive analysis of your competitors allows us to see how effectively you compete in the same social spaces, and our insights are used to further tailor your brand’s social strategy.

The nature of social media is ever evolving, so we place great emphasis on learning and understanding your audience, and how they interact with your brand. The more we can learn, the more effective we can be in reaching them. We employ advanced tools to track metrics and analyse audience behaviour, plus evaluate content, campaign and platform performance. We then use this data to develop tailored reports that offer actionable learnings and insights.

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