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Digital PR & Social Media

Whilst traditional media is a vital component in our PR campaigns, we understand the importance of developing and retaining an online presence

PR Methods

Combining knowledge and expertise

We combine our knowledge and expertise in traditional PR methods with the skills and intelligence of digital, ensuring you are primed for future audiences. Digital PR goes beyond building brand awareness, driving traffic, and creating noise. When done right, it also boosts a site’s SEO and visibility. We create shareable digital assets and authority links that make you stand out.

Digital PR Tools

Building an online presence

Digital PR can be to build an online presence by securing features and links from relevant, authoritative publications.

This can be done in a number of ways, including sending out press releases, producing thought leadership comments, or larger creative content campaigns such as video.

Digital PR helps to get in front of potential customers as they browse the web and is a highly effective brand awareness tool. But it’s more than just that…
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Tangible Value

Yes, high profile coverage is exciting and, yes, we do achieve it for our clients – but we also believe that digital PR (unlike its traditional counterpart) should be delivering tangible value. For us, it’s about measurable gains as much as it is big placements and viral campaigns.
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Social Media

When used strategically social media can be the key to reaching your audience, communicating your message and impacting true business goals. Our team of social media and digital marketing experts craft strategic social media strategies that don’t just deliver vanity metrics but focus on helping you reach your business goals while continually demonstrating ROI.

With people spending increasing amounts of time on their smartphones and engaging in social media platforms, if your brand isn’t showing up in that space, you run the risk of being irrelevant.
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