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BCW’S Technology Predictions for 2013

The world has failed to end. With that prophecy dealt with, we can get back to making some slightly more exciting prognostications. So, without further ado, here are nine technology predictions for 2013:

Smartphones and Tablets will Continue to Challenge Traditional Desktop Working

With the full-scale deployment of Windows 8 and the continued increase in cloud computing, 2013 is going to see rapid evolution in the way work.

Touchscreen will get Better

With the development of lighter and more flexible touchscreen technology, the possibilities are pretty exciting.

There will be a new Xbox and Playstation Released

“Consoles have been central in everything from the way we consume media to how we keep fit so the arrival of new hardware in this sector is going to be important,” says Kieran Alger, editor,

NFC (Near Field Communication) will come into its own

Gartner predicts that this technology could be critical for the integration of the internet with the physical world – a trend that they believe will continue to develop in 2013.

The Big Technology Battleground will Shift to the Living Room

“This keyspace is wide open and the potential prizes are huge,” says James Stables, associate editor at tech. Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft: all the heavyweights will weigh in on this gap in the market.

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