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How Instagram TV is Enabling Businesses to Engage at a Deeper Level

What is it?

Instagram TV – or IGTV – sees the popularity of Instagram extended; allowing individuals, brands and businesses to create and broadcast longer forms of video, of up to one hour. Videos are displayed in a vertical viewing format, which, crucially, is how most people hold their mobile devices.

Is it Easy to Use?

If you’re used to using and viewing content on Instagram, this will be a doddle to get to grips with. All new versions of the app now have a new TV button on the top right of the screen. Click on this to view the most popular videos and those of people you follow!

How Can I Set Up my Own IGTV Channel?

To start your own channel, simply download the IGTV app and it will guide you through set up. The great feature is that you can edit and tailor your videos before they’re uploaded, giving you and your business complete flexibility and control over how it looks and the ability to include relevant messages. But, as with everything on Instagram, the video must be shot in vertical view (9:16 aspect ratio). Think of it in the same way you would take a picture for an Instagram story to get the best effect!

How Can I Use IGTV to Grow my Business?

Because of the nature of the video format, it enables brands to shoot and broadcast real-life video footage that can be captured ‘on the run’. This makes an affordable option for companies who want to try video, without investing in a more costly production studio. Examples could include using video to show some behind the scenes footage of your business or culture. It’s also effective for broadcasting at events or roadshows – or when launching a new product with teasers leading up to and after launch day – including any press events!

It also offers a more in-depth opportunity to show how your products are made / manufactured – giving your customers exclusive inside knowledge they might never have seen before. It’s worth bearing in mind that the results are entirely in your hands, so be prepared to experiment and accept that the videos will have a lower production value than those produced by a professional production house.

Who is Using it Already?

For inspiration, why not take a look at some brands who have already taken the leap into IGTV! Check out Wimbledon, National Geographic, and Jo Malone who are using the new feature as an opportunity to engage with their customers at a deeper, more meaningful level. By developing genuine content, users are more likely to trust, respect and remember your business as this new feature captures people’s imagination in a new, more authentic way. The trick is to make sure it doesn’t just turn into another app to house Instagram stories…we’ll watch this space…