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MTM Issue #2 – Go to Market Strategies That Cut Through The Noise.

A shorter format, 32 compared to 50 pages in M#1, MTM Issue #2 highlights the subtle changes in our design language and growth in new markets and expansion of services. With the further strengthening and simplifying of our brand to MTM.

New markets include automotive, with our campaign to drive brand awareness of INEOS’s new 4 x4 the Grenadier, even before a concept was seen in public and our growth in membership marketing with the highly successful re-design and re-build of the union, Nautilus International, global website. Understanding the unions position in the marketplace, the challenges it and its members face, and the opportunities for growth we delivered a technical solution to ensure engaging content is delivered to seafarers, often with poor or limited internet access.

Sharing additional snapshots of campaign’s in sports membership for Lausanne Sport, PR and content for British Marine, brand refresh for the marine communication provider Navarino and high-quality technical design and content for Kohler Power including designing their high-quality exhibition stand for the global Data Centre World conference.

Highlighting our partnership ethos, M#2 includes further campaigns for INEOS and Airbus and the benefits of digital personalisation to identify profitable segments and deliver targeting and positioning strategies and tactics to drive growth.