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Raring to go; Why our new Website Represents the Start of the Next Chapter

We launched our new website today. What else can I say?

On the face of it, launching an updated web design is not news. Unless there is some extra special new functionality or a wealth of new content to explore, asking someone to get excited about your new homepage is perhaps a little optimistic.

We launched our new website today, but it means a lot more to the MTM team than just a new site. For us, it represents the finish line of an 18-month journey to position the agency for the future, with the resources, capabilities and service offering to ensure we continue to cut through the noise and help clients realise their objectives in an ever-evolving environment.

We have always been a different type of agency. We have always wanted to be seen by our clients as an external/internal marketing team – invested and committed, reliable and ultimately capable. That mindset was articulated during this process, identifying the values that we wanted to work by. After some deliberation, we agreed to; ‘be honest and transparent, be agile and creative, challenge and strive for better and always care’. Simple expectations but powerful in their ability to ensure that every interaction or delivery is the best it can be.

Another important aspect of our journey to this point has been expanding our team through key individuals with specific and unique skills sets. Over the last year and a half, we have grown the biggest and most talented team we’ve ever had, attracting more strategic thinkers and high calibre specialists with the knowledge and experience to add real value. It also means we were able to structure our integrated offer to better support our clients’ changing needs, leveraging the latest technologies, channels and opportunities. And, it is great to be able to say that our efforts are already paying off, with several fantastic new clients who have seen and commented on the strength of our work and the relationships we nurture.

Our updated identity is perhaps the most immediately noticeable change. With input from the whole team, it took us some time to finalise and I can’t count what iteration this is, but we are delighted with the finished result. Fundamentally, it reflects who we are and our own design aesthetic; clean, modern and functional.

The site itself looks to exploit several new technologies but only where they add to the experience. Some of the clever new tech is visible on the front end but a lot more sits under the hood, powering the backend and invisible to the user. There are few fun things thrown in too! (If you interested in the tech breakdown, we’ve created an outline of how we’ve built the site and the technologies we used).

So, here we are. Launch day.

We are incredibly proud of everything we have achieved up to this point; of the brands we work with, of the moments we’re a part of, and, of course, the campaigns we create. I am also personally proud of each and every member of the MTM team and the role they have played to bring us to this point. COVID-19 may mean we’ve been physically distant, but I am not sure if we have ever been closer as a team. So, when I look at our new website, I see the successful culmination of our collective efforts and the beginning of the next chapter – one we enter bigger, stronger, more capable – we can’t wait.

Gordon Hawes