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Success for Our Think Tank Event: Data, Insight & Strategy

On Thursday 22nd February, The MTM Agency ran a keynote presentation and networking event, sharing expertise around audience insight and data strategy for brands. Hosted at the Harbour Hotel, Southampton, overlooking Ocean Village Marina, we welcomed visitors from organisations including England Hockey, Lloyd’s Register, UKSA, The Geological Society and YotSpot.

Over the course of the day, our experts presented and discussed several topics, but with a focus on using insight to uncover new audiences, and the value of solid data.

What did our expert speakers think?

“It was an information-packed day, with a really positive turnout and feedback. The talks provided us with the chance to share our expertise with other, like-minded individuals who want to utilise data, insight and strategy to drive their organisation forward.

The roundtable discussions were really useful for answering any outstanding questions, and generally talking about the content of the day. It was also an opportunity to share further ideas, opinions and information about the talk topics. We very much look forward to our next Think Tank Event”.
- Wes Maynard, Director of Operations, presenter of ‘data is gold dust’.

What is Think Tank?

If you are new to our Think Tank concept, it began as a film series hosted on our blog, where we speak to our in-house experts about various marketing-related topics to provide insight and information to help organisations drive growth. This has further evolved into Think Tank Events, where we invite marketing and business professionals to take part in our discussions in person.

Upcoming Think Tank: Brand Revitalisation

Our next Think Tank Event will be hosted on 8th May at the Harbour Hotel, Southampton, and will explore brand revitalisation.

More information coming soon...