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The MTM Agency's Think Tank series: The evolution of measuring PR

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The PR measurement landscape

The last five to 10 years has seen a major shift in the way we measure PR campaigns. Specialists have moved away from metrics such as AVE (advertising value equivalency) and the number of articles, instead valuing a mix of tailored PR measurement tools that reinforce specific brand goals. However, even with a whole host of insights available to marketers today, measuring the impact of PR is still a top concern amongst PR professionals across Europe.

The evolution of the digital landscape has meant that not only are more PR reporting channels available, but by drilling down into factors such as target audience, brands’ desires and specific KPIs, there’s a plethora of techniques that can be used to highlight the impact of PR and provide well-rounded, insightful reporting. This, alongside offline media channels and the impact they have on today’s audience outlines effective means to reaching the right market, and garnering tangible, reportable results for businesses.

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Campaign reporting utilising data insights

Our latest edition of The MTM Agency’s Think Tank series discusses how the PR landscape is evolving, further opening the door to tangible reporting that’s useful to brands. Head of PR and social media, Chloe Buchanan and PR Account Director Bex Pearce, delve into how data insights and effective digital strategy present astute ways to measure PR efforts, and why quality, SEO, and the type of coverage should always be at the forefront of brands’ minds.