23 10 MTM Think Tank V1
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The MTM Agency's Think Tank series: The race to Net Zero

Effective communications for all stakeholders

As little as five years ago, a robust Environmental Social Governance (ESG) policy was a way for businesses to communicate a point of difference. In 2023, things have changed. Today, audiences expect the brands they interact with to take a much more proactive stance in this area. They expect more transparency around a brand’s social impact and active measures to reduce its environmental impact.

As well as maintaining a focus on its consumers, brands today need to consider how they will communicate their ESG activities to each stakeholder group, including employees, investors, and local communities. Building trust with these stakeholders requires a flexible approach, customised to each group but with transparency and authenticity always at the core.

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Creating distinct and tailored communications strategies

In our latest edition of The MTM Agency’s Think Tank series, Associate Director Richard Broughton and Head of PR Chloe Buchanan offer advice for businesses to not only maximise investment opportunities, but also engage with increasingly discerning consumers who are choosing to align themselves with brands that reflect their own values.

Stakeholders increasingly expect openness and honesty. The most successful communication engages with the challenges as well as the successes of businesses corporate responsibility initiatives.

Decarbonisation communications strategy

For specific insight into how brands can create differentiated and tailored communications strategies specifically for their decarbonisation activities, read Richard Broughton’s latest blog on the topic: Tailored communication: Enhancing business decarbonisation initiatives