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The MTM Agency’s Think Tank series: Who cares about film?

Audiences are consuming more video-based content than ever before. The medium dominates internet traffic, especially across social media platforms. From a brand perspective, video has become integral to the way in which audiences make decisions regarding the products and services they choose to purchase. In fact, according to a 2023 survey by Hubspot, 66% of consumers said they watched video content to learn more about a brand and its offering.

Film is often the most engaging way to convey your message, giving the consumer easy to digest knowledge and insight, whilst providing you with opportunities to position your brand in ways other forms of content can not.

Anyone can make a video and put it online. Its impact and effectiveness, however, is contingent on a number of factors. Subject matter, style, production values and many other factors are all important considerations to ensure you get the desired outcome. Critically, bigger budgets don’t always deliver better results. Instead, your focus should be on truly understanding your target audience and knowing what you are trying to achieve before you start.

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Who cares about film?

In our latest edition of The MTM Agency’s Think Tank series, senior producer Steve Barnes and creative director Darren Vernall discuss how brands can maximise the effectiveness of their investment in video content through better insights and careful planning.

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