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Unlocking Success: England and GB Hockey – Two Platforms, One Goal

Membership organisations thrive through creating inclusive, interesting platforms and services where people can immerse themselves into hobbies that they love. The community that membership organisations nurture is incredibly impactful, but its overall success is largely led by the members themselves. Retaining existing members whilst enticing new ones is a key goal for every organisation, and in today’s online landscape, having your digital ducks in a row is imperative for sustainability, and growth.

Research published in the 2023/24 Annual Digital Excellence Report by Memberwise underpins these goals, whilst also highlighting the importance of a formalised strategy, system integration, data, automation and websites (including web analytics and content management systems). Therefore, organisations that successfully place themselves at the forefront of digital are ahead of the game when it comes to member retention and acquisition, plus streamlining operations. England Hockey recognised this progression, reaching out for a digital partner to help realise their goals, finding MTM in the process.

About England Hockey and Great Britain Hockey

England Hockey (EH) is one of the UK’s largest national governing bodies (NGB), responsible for the management and development of the sport from grassroots to elite levels. England Hockey also works hand-in-hand with Great Britain Hockey (GBH), preparing national squads to qualify for and participate in the Olympic Games.

What did the project entail?

Our expertise across digital solutions and support enticed EH and GBH to work with The MTM Agency on two website projects, with the overarching goal to help them develop new journeys and cross-fertilise content, build complex integrations with external platforms, and better support each of their audience segments. In addition, we were also tasked with revitalising their brand identity, maximising the value of its digital investment.

Why did England Hockey choose to work with MTM?

As an agency, we have had the pleasure of working with a variety of membership organisations, spanning various sectors. In addition, we’ve completed similar-sized website projects. These two elements combined with our passion for the industry was what led EH to choose us as their trusted digital partner. We were tasked with developing two distinct sites that would see them through the next Olympic Games and beyond.

Working together to create something great

Our objective was to completely overhaul the two websites, taking a mobile-first approach, with a considered user experience (UX) that spoke to a broad range of stakeholders. We also needed to ensure that as part of this journey, we offered inspiration to new members and continued to engage existing ones, so we focused on increasing the awareness of hockey as a sport and the ease of participation, and an improved experience for each user group across digital channels (among others). Amplifying brand awareness was an additional key consideration, so we orchestrated discussions with a large group of internal and external stakeholders around website messaging, functionality, site structure and design to ensure that each audience’s requirements were catered for effectively.

Our key results

  • 300% increase in organic visibility (EH) in the first month

  • 100% increase in organic visibility (GB) in the first month

  • 4.5/5 :) average user rating post-launch across both sites

For more in-depth details of our work, read our England Hockey case study.

If you would like to know more about how The MTM Agency could support your business or membership organisation, get in touch with us today.