Front End Developer

The Opportunity

You will be focused on developing front end code for websites using the latest web technologies.

It is likely that you will probably have a recognised qualification in development, with at least three years’ industry experience and will bring a wealth of knowledge in the area of JavaScript frameworks. You will be looking to move into a role where you can build user-centric websites that embrace great-looking content and where your technical output will deliver on marketing-focused objectives.

Your role will include building web templates for our client sites that will be implemented into CMS software. The templates you develop will be device-agnostic static that are SEO friendly, componentised, and follow a style-guide driven format.

You will collaborate to define the technical deliverables of new projects, and implement those deliverables in a maintainable, professional and rational way. In your role you will contribute code to new and existing projects, and maintain and support existing projects and applications, and directly input into MTM’s vision of a technical centre of excellence.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Collaborating with other developers and the project development team to determine needs and applying/customising existing technology to meet those needs

  • Maintaining and supporting multiple projects and deadlines

  • Recording work progress on a weekly basis

  • Producing development documentation

Essential Technical Skills

  • Writing valid, semantic, accessible and modular HTML.

  • You care about things like code quality, modularity, and performance.

  • You use a modern standards approach through development, automation and testing.

  • You’re into modular, scalable CSS written with CSS preprocessors like Sass (SCSS) and methodologies like ITCSS, BEM, OOCSS, Smacss.

  • Experience building high-quality, responsive layouts and with silky smooth interactions, transitions, and animations.

  • You can test for compliance and compatibility cross-browser, cross-platform and cross-device.

  • You feel at home with JavaScript, and know your way around jQuery if needed.

  • You’re competent handling form submissions and handling client side validation and data submission.

  • You’re competent with XHR/AJAX requests and dealing with JSON,XML and HTML responses.

  • Knowledge of the DOM like the back of your hand and you’re a capable DOM manipulator.

  • You can use Git and GitHub to version control and manage code.

  • You are comfortable with Gulp-based and Webpack-based build systems or any other modern bundling systems.

  • You write comprehensive code documentation.

  • Awareness of and thoroughly follow industry’s standards, best practices and coding conventions for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • You love to create visually appealing web pages or interfaces.

  • You’re quick to adapt to new languages, technologies and relish the chance for solving new problems.

  • Experience with WordPress CMS or other PHP or Dot Net CMSs and Frameworks

Other Desired Knowledge

  • Experience with 3rd party APIs like Google Maps, YouTube and map libraries like Leaflet or Mapbox.

  • Experience building and maintaining Frontend designs systems.

  • You are able to create accessible user interfaces that put user needs first. You test components and pages against accessibility standards.

  • You understand how web performance can impact users. You are able to solve problems to improve performance. You use different sources of data to monitor and identify performance issues.

  • You’re up to date with the latest ECMAScript syntax and APIs.

  • You’re not afraid of the command line.

  • You have worked with JavaScript animation libraries like GSAP.

  • You are comfortable with Development Environment Virtualisation (Docker).

Other Nice to Have Skills

  • Vue.js or React.js experience.

  • Agile, SCRUM, Kanban.

  • User Experience (UX) or Information Architecture (IA) skills.


  • This is a fantastic opportunity for an experienced front end developer to become a valuable member of a growing digital team where you will make a valuable contribution.

  • You will be working in a fast-moving exciting environment with a great team who will help motivate you to new levels.

  • Our open-plan studio with free parking is based on the waterside in Southampton.

  • Working as part of a growing digital team within an integrated marketing agency with an enviable list of global clients.

  • We are a caring considerate employer offering a good working environment and opportunities for training and professional advancement.

Our Investment in you

  • You're serious about producing the very best, so we make sure you're equipped to do it. You'll be provided with the tech setup that maximises your potential and lets you work with freedom. Just tell us what works for you.

  • You're trusting us with the next phase in your career - so we're trusting you to work in the manner that works best for you. At home, in the office (when we can) or a mix of both - we'll work with you to find a routine that works.

  • We do things properly. We have an excellent agency reputation and are trusted by some of the largest and most respected organisations in the world. We expect you to be at the top of your game and represent us to the best of your ability when working directly with clients.

  • We want to be the best and continually improve. We invest in our team and our process, we do retros after every sprint to improve the way we work. We expect you to feed into these sessions and contribute to ensure that we keep improving.

  • We have a consistent digital team with very low staff turnover. Testament perhaps to our investment in and care for our team, it means that our team grows together. You'll work alongside some amazingly talented colleagues who will help you progress and you will enjoy sharing your experience to help others. We also provide an annual budget to help you up-skill - whether that's learning new tech or gaining certifications.

  • We care, we're an ethically minded agency and operate in a way that not only helps our business, but helps others do good; whether that's other businesses, charities or organisations. We hope you think in a similar way.

Your next step

If this is you and you like what you have read, we would like to hear from you. To find out more about The MTM Agency email your CV with a covering letter to John - [email protected]

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