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Advertising Strategy

We will help you reach the right audience, elevating your brand’s reputation and visibility, providing measurable return on investment.

Identifying the ideal audience

It’s all about the people

An effective advertising strategy is all about finding the right audience to put your messages in front of. From our experience, achieving success is reliant on finding the right audiences to market your products and services to. As part of building out your advertising strategy, we will work with you to complete comprehensive research to identify and understand the people most likely to convert, where they are in the buying cycle and what they look for in brands. Using historical campaign data, internal database information, third-party analysis and more, we will collaborate with you and your team to capture the essence of your target audience, delving deep into personas to find out what makes them tick. We can then use this information to target the right people, with the right ads, at the right time.

Data insights drive conversions

Channels and advert types that stimulate ROI

Much like SEO, an effective advertising strategy relies on the intuitive use of data. Understanding what channels are most impactful for your customer base is imperative for ROI, especially considering there are a plethora of options available to them. That’s where our specialists’ expertise is invaluable - we will ensure that your organisation’s strategy is crafted using a whole host of data insights, such as exploring user journeys and behaviour, and we will establish complete integration with your overall marketing strategy. This allows us to truly get to the bottom of what your customers want, and where they want it.

In today’s saturated advertising landscape, there are endless opportunities for brands, which is why it is so important that ad spend is allocated to the right channels. Our experts will utilise data science techniques and will collaborate with both our internal departments and your team to discern the most effective placements, whether that’s through search engines or social media, programmatic advertising or out of home (OOH) placements such as billboards and bus shelters. By liaising across our various teams of experts, we’re able to ensure that all options are considered and your paid advertising strategy takes full advantage of all available intelligence.

Adaptation and optimisation

Continual learning equals stronger results

As we work with your organisation, we will constantly monitor the effectiveness of your ads, evolving and optimising your strategy as we gain more valuable insights. Our PPC team adopts an agile approach, whereby we will ensure your strategy continually aligns with your goals. For full transparency, you will have access to a live digital performance dashboard, featuring metrics such as ad spend, impressions, click through rate, search terms, and more. This allows you to monitor and examine the progress of your campaigns, on your terms.

Creativity is the key to success

Scroll-stopping, attention-grabbing creative

Your advertising strategy also needs to work incredibly hard to drive customers down the funnel to conversion, and creativity is a large piece of the puzzle. Our team of paid specialists are adept at planning and executing memorable ads that are perfectly positioned with your organisation’s KPIs. We will work with you to ensure that the messaging and all other branded elements are on point, and together, we will explore a variety of creative ideas to add to your strategy that will not only get your organisation noticed but also drive quantifiable ROI.


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