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The Friendly CMS

A flexible editing experience

Umbraco is well known for being a flexible CMS

Umbraco is well known for being a flexible CMS with a foundation that creates the perfect framework for a wide variety of projects. It is a leading open-source .NET CMS that assists in delivering a better editor experience.

The Benefits

A custom content management experience

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You want more than just a user-friendly content management experience, so Umbraco allows you to fit any existing set-up with its powerful APIs, without limiting you in terms of scale or scope. There is predictability in terms of cost, performance and time that you can rely on.
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Freedom to Manage things your Way

Each project has different needs and requirements so, instead of using a CMS that is limiting or means that you’ll reach roadblocks when it comes to certain areas of your project, this CMS has a degree of flexibility that offers more options and over 300 extensions.
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A Friendly Open-Source Community

Umbraco is hailed for its community that is proactive, talented and helpful. If you have an idea for something you’d like available in Umbraco, the chances are that a member of the community has already made it a reality. You have access to documentation so you can implement the same solution.
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Umbraco as your Marketing and Admin Hub

You can integrate third-party tools, extensions or packages that help you run your business into Umbraco to make it your hub whether that's e-commerce, your chosen CRM, email or more. You can keep everything neat and tidy in one place.

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At MTM we can develop your website from scratch or support an existing system using Umbraco as your CMS of choice. With a wealth of experience, we have in-depth knowledge of the CMS including its features, functionality, and offering.
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