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We combine human and artificial intelligence to help our client partners make sense of their data and understand their operating environment, whilst keeping the customer at the centre of everything we do.

Tailored methods of data collection to suit your organisation

Leveraging the right mix of data sources to unearth valuable intelligence

Whether you’re looking to increase engagement or define a completely new brand strategy, our approach to research is the same; centred on identifying the right mix of techniques and technologies, based on our client partners’ specific objectives and the outcomes they’re looking for.

It’s critical we understand an organisation in-depth if we are to maximise the value of the research process, so we will begin with discussions about the business and its requirements, before exploring your operating environment and market conditions. These conversations help us identify the best research methodology to meet each objective, and ensure we are well-placed to uncover valuable insights for the brand in question.

This approach may include qualitative and quantitative research, secondary data research, market analysis, and in-house data science, all of which enable us to collect, analyse and contextualise the intelligence we reveal to best meet the business’ objectives.

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Market-leading research platforms

Focusing on optimum data acquisition

Our client partners rely on our ability to gather high-quality, relevant, and most importantly, useful data, using a variety of different techniques and trusted data sources.

In addition to the primary research we conduct, we’re able to uncover both big picture and granular data insights about your organisation, its markets and its audiences through our data partners. These respected, global platforms are designed specifically to help us identify and examine a broad range of factors and opinions, such as target audience media consumption, channel usage and much more. Our partnerships with these data-focused platforms provide us with access to over 100 million online listening sources and more than 1,000,000 audience profiling indicators (as a starting point).

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Enhancing your brand through evaluating audiences

Understanding your existing audiences to reach new ones

Gaining valuable audience research is a vital goal for many organisations but it requires an experienced hand if you’re to maximise the impact of your investment. We help our client partners build on existing personas to identify precisely who key audiences are, what they are talking about, what their motivations and behaviours are, and where they are looking for information. This in-depth analysis, reinforced by machine learning and data science, can then be leveraged to effectively improve engagement, outmanoeuvre competitors and anticipate market trends, ultimately placing your organisation at the forefront of your sector and improving ROI.

Gain strategic advantage

Using data and science to drive decisions

Integrating exceptional research into your organisation’s marketing strategy is proven to significantly elevate your results. And, when further complemented by the intricacies of data science, brands can expect to see real results.

We use data science as a way of interrogating research data to develop and inform strategies that are specifically designed around your goals. Whether that is to reduce costs, increase efficiency, gain a competitive advantage or integrate machine learning, our data scientists are highly skilled at turning research into a production-ready strategy that has been tailored to your organisation. The beauty behind data science is that not only are we able to use it to help businesses reach their current objectives, but it is an ongoing, continually evolving process that allows for predictive analysis, enhanced data management and tailored customer experiences, offering long-term solutions and benefits for your organisation.

Depending on your desired goals, there’s no question that high-quality data can assist you in understanding your audiences’ needs and wants, as well as help anticipate future trends, streamline your processes and accelerate positive change across the business.

Our intricate approach towards research for your brand will help you uncover the clearest picture of your organisation and enable you to make impactful changes.

If you need help unlocking the unique intelligence which can be built into a valuable brand, marketing and communications strategy, get in touch today.

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