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Crisis & Issues Management

How you respond to a crisis or escalating issue will define you

Crises come in all shapes, sizes and impact

Protect your company reputation

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Making the wrong decision in the event of a crisis can have a serious damaging effect on a company’s reputation. Having a communication plan is essential. We can help navigate your business through any crisis or issue and we have a vast amount of experience in doing so.

How MTM Can Help

24/7 Monitoring and Consultancy

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We offer 24/7 monitoring and consultancy support to coordinate communications activity across all key stakeholders. We also have the tools to monitor online sources and track any issues that arise so that they can be dealt with in real-time. In certain instances we can also horizon-gaze to spot issues before they escalate, helping you to be as prepared as possible.


Ensuring social media interactions are managed properly and criticism is responded to is key to handling online reputation management.

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Reactive Crisis Management

We can help you build a robust crisis management plan

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As well as reactive crisis management, we can also help you build a robust crisis management plan to be prepared in dealing with any situation effectively. This includes an analysis of the risk of a crisis to your business, who to assemble as your communications team, identifying spokespeople and creating a communications matrix.


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