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Delivering a results-driven content-led social strategy and implementation programme for Fairline Yachts


Raising Fairline's premium reputation via social media channels

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Success, perfection, and the ultimate in luxurious experiences drive the Fairline’s brand and culture.

The MTM Agency was appointed by Fairline to elevate its social content strategy and implementation programme with one clear goal; to increase the brand’s premium reputation across social media through professionally crafted, highly targeted content to reach High Networth Individuals (HNWIs) across the globe.

MTM’s remit was not just in crafting engaging social copy. The social strategy and technical team quickly got to work developing a wider social strategy which could take the brand forward and elevate Fairline as one of the UK’s most respected and highly regarded boat builders. The strategy looked at five core areas across the brand:

1. Competitor and Brand Analysis
2. Target Audience Personas
3. Messaging and Communications
4. Platform Strategy
5. Measurement


The MTM team developed a 12 - 24 month social media strategy which tied in closely with Fairline’s wider marketing objectives.

Starting with a robust and in-depth competitor and brand analysis, we were able to develop key brand personas which would enable us to develop considered, strategic and relevant content to appeal to Fairline’s core audience groups and products, including the award-winning F//LINE, Targa and Squadron ranges.

The strategy included in-depth guidance and recommendations to enable content to be developed effectively with a clear goal and objective in mind: To make the Fairline brand top of mind for HNWIs, targeting current yacht owners, yacht prospects and charter customers.

Our ambition was to not only start new conversations around the Fairline brand and the lifestyle associated with it, but also join existing ones, focusing on key areas where Fairline could have a distinctive voice within the boating community.


The content was carefully developed to ensure consistency across all channels, both short- and long-term.

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By developing a long-term social content strategy, we were able to build and develop ongoing content plans for Fairline which meant all messaging, campaign themes and communications always led back to the brand’s core personas and overall marketing objectives. Developing content with clear goals in place limited room for error, and enabled us to focus solely on driving messaging, creative and communications which would cut through the social media noise amongst Fairline’s core competitors and get the brand name recognised on a global scale.

Carefully developed content was developed with short and long-term goals to ensure consistency across all social channels. Campaigns included:

• The luxury lifestyle afforded with a Fairline
• F//Line Configurator Launch and Support through video content
• Live Marine Tours during the 2020 / 2021 global Covid-19 pandemic to increase engagement with the brand and dealers through Live social content
• Video content to support and showcase virtual and live events as pandemic restrictions began to ease across the world
• Brand storytelling content to show the detail and professionalism that goes into every Fairline.

Key project deliverables

Through a robust social content strategy programme, MTM were able to:

•Ensure brand consistently across all brand social channels and increase the quality of activity
• Build global awareness of Fairline as a luxury yacht manufacturer, telling its story and communicating its value proposition through engagement • and unique content
• To build opportunities to present the lifestyle on offer with a Fairline, with new and potential buyers within their wider circle of influence.


Increase in Facebook post engagements
Increase in reach across Instagram
Growth in LinkedIn followers