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Inch - A Better Experience Digital Development

The Brief

Modernising print media online for a seamless and enjoyable reading experience.

We were tasked with creating content that would be easy to digest, accessible on all devices and that would be SEO friendly. The magazine content needed to stand apart from the corporate website, providing a layout that still felt like print in a digital way. The corporate magazine is about creating and growing a connection with the audience. Unlike a brochure, it is about generating conversation and stimulating thought.

The Solution

We moved away from a traditional PDF format solution, and instead built a custom made website to host all of the magazine issues.

The system is easy to upload new issues to when they arrive, and supports the different language variants required. The system works to showcase each and every article in a visual and appealing way. The magazine does not work in isolation but instead creates cohesion between the main corporate site. This way, content remains fresh and current rather than being archived or forgotten about.
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An SEO-Friendly Alternative

Based on historic analytics data, we could see that search engines were driving traffic to articles on the main site but not to the magazine content itself. Although PDF uploads are indexed by major search engines, the INCH Magazine website is easier to crawl, doesn’t require heavy file downloads and has multiple SEO advantages. SEO was one of the drivers for the new INCH site, with the goal of increasing traffic to the magazine content.
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Introducing INCH Magazine
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The INCH site is available in six different languages. The ability to flip between the different languages is seamless and efficient, providing a brilliant user experience. As well as being optimised for accessibility, it is also responsive to the device it is being used on.
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More than just a Petrochemicals Company

INCH Magazine helps reveal the voice of the people behind the INEOS brand, and it also assists in showing the breadth of its operation, stepping out of the shadows of supply-exchange customer relationships into dialogue and discussion. The magazine allows people to see all of the areas that INEOS are currently in, including Sports, Health, Grassroots projects and much more.


The Aim of INCH Magazine

We wanted a platform that was way ahead of a simple digital page-turner, a platform that would be at home on any global media title, and where users would enjoy the experience of using the site as much as the content itself.

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