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The MTM Agency’s Silver Partnership with Episerver


Episerver is a digital experience platform that runs over 30,000 websites around the world and transacts over $18 billion in revenue by powering companies’ entire digital experience. With over 150 machine learning algorithms that track and learn consumer behaviour patterns, Episerver automatedly personalises UX.

The MTM Agency is a proud silver partner of Episerver with certified DXC, commerce and CMS in-house developers. MTM utilises Episerver to partner global industry-leading clients including: Nautilus International, INEOS, Inovyn and SunGard Availability Services (AS).

Harnessing the power of Episerver, MTM answers business challenges, improves digital performance, personalises content for users, launches global e-commerce sites on single platforms, utilises omnichannel commerce and improves engagement by giving clients insights to customer journeys and benefits from using a powerful marketing platform from which to communicate and sell.

Case Studies

The MTM Agency has a wealth of Episerver experience. Here are a few of our latest projects:


The world’s largest merchant navy union, Nautilus International tasked The MTM Agency to design and create a website that would offer all of their 22,000 worldwide members simple access to critical information and insights at any stage of the members’ career. The website was required to be available on any device and be functioning seamlessly, regardless of user location.

MTM conducted an in-depth analysis of Nautilus’ marketplace positioning and membership strategy through internal team and member interviews and conducting a survey. It was decided to utilise Episerver as the content management system (CMS) and optimise CSS to ensure a low-bandwidth and simple UX with multi-lingual/multi-regional and content personalisation’s to improve member engagement.

As a result, there was a 164% increase in returning users, 6,600% performance increase and 96% accessibility rating on Google Chrome.


Global manufacturers of speciality chemicals INEOS are supporters of sports and fitness initiatives and foundations including Go Run For Fun and The Daily Mile. The MTM Agency has been the preferred digital transformation partner to INEOS for many years and plays a significant role in steering how INEOS approaches communication with key stakeholders and differentiates itself from competitors. For over a decade working with INEOS, MTM has continually developed to align with the client’s business needs.

Consequently, has seen most recently a 59% increase in total site page views, 36% increase in organic website page views and a 66% increase in organic impression share. As of today, MTM is continually responsible for providing digital strategies to INEOS’, visual design and development to continue INEOS’ success.


One of Europe’s largest competitors in the chlorine and vinyl’s market, INOVYN, requested The MTM Agency to convey a new business identity and differentiate it from it’s parent company, in an accessible and responsive website. The site operates as an efficient UX platform that gives INOVYN the opportunity to sell its product range and promote business practises to users, it is also a secure platform for communication with its investors.

Utilising Episerver to develop INOVYN’s website ensured that MTM has a high level of functionality control, considering the ‘progressive enhancement’ approach that needed to be used to tailor to user browsing patterns. MTM optimised all aspects of the site to create a well-designed, low-cost website that represents INOVYN’s objectives for an easily accessible platform for future business changes.


Global leaders in assisting 70% of the Fortune 100 companies evolve and secure their IT environments, The MTM Agency was asked to take ownership from the build house, to manage and rebuild the SunGard AS website in Episerver to solve frustrations with management, growing costs, lead times and a perceived lack of strategy and digital direction. SunGard AS required a complete code review and development to transform the website’s performance, design and UX in a cost-effective approach.

MTM approached the task with an efficient direction that prioritised site criticality and profitability. The team moved code dependencies and ensured that the site achieved optimised overall performance with the latest version of Episerver. Using EpiFind, Pardot, SEO Mogul and Language Wise, MTM aimed to refresh the website’s design and performance, resulting in a clear improvement in SEO and mobile traffic. As a result, SunGard AS has a 24% increase in overall site users, 150% increase in mobile users and 260% increase in mobile sessions.


Are you attending Ascend?

Episerver Ascend is a series of free events, an essential forum for marketers, developers and e-commerce leaders who come together to share effective digital experience strategies. From industry-leading keynote speakers to one-to-one business evaluations with Episerver partners, Episerver Ascend provides attendees with the best insights for future business development.

If you are a marketer, developer, merchandiser, or tech and business leader and your business is interested how to utilise Episerver to transform your existing UX, join The MTM Agency at Episerver Ascend London on the 7th November 2019 at ‘etc. venues’, 133 Houndsditch, London. We are offering a free Episerver site review with our developers and marketing experts on the stand. Please visit us to discuss how we can meet your business challenges.

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