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The MTM Agency's Think Tank Series: A Spotlight on Headless CMSs

Headless CMS vs Traditional CMS

Relentless growing demand for products and services in the digital age (and post pandemic) has forced many organisations to not just streamline and improve their online processes, but to simply show up. There is no debate that content is a key driver for success, and more increasingly, organisations are becoming curious as to the various capabilities and different types of content management systems (CMS). As one of the most useful and impactful tools available to businesses, the latest edition of The MTM Agency’s Think Tank series discusses what a headless CMS is, alongside the intricacies, benefits and challenges surrounding both headless and traditional CMSs.

We know that currently, 50% of businesses are using a monolithic (traditional) system, compared to just 35% of which are using a headless CMS (Storyblok, 2023). But, as we move forward, a heavily structured approach is no longer fit for purpose for many organisations, even when considering the evident conveniences. John Hyde, Technical Operations Manager, and Stuart Greig, Principal Developer discuss why headless content management systems may be a worthwhile consideration for many businesses; delving into the array of capabilities that in many cases outweigh the more popular, monolithic counterparts.

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Plug and Play, Virtually

John and Stuart further explore how headless architecture mirrors the concepts of the first PCs, discussing how the set up of a headless CMS offers a virtual ‘plug and play’ system, enabling the ability to reuse code and information, customise and multiply. These features can be instrumental for businesses looking for scalability, the potential to manage multiple channels, or to achieve more streamlined content processes.

Is Headless Right For Your Business?

In addition to highlighting the key benefits of a headless CMS, John and Stuart also discuss some of the main challenges surrounding the technology, and whether headless is in fact the right solution for all businesses.