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The MTM Agency’s Think Tank series: Does my business need a rebrand?

In any competitive operating environment, maintaining the loyalty of your audiences is a constant challenge. There are many factors to consider but amongst the most critical is ensuring you have a brand identity and positioning that is fresh, desirable and effectively conveys your proposition with clarity and consistency.

We work with our brand partners to navigate and overcome this very challenge, helping them understand the current perception of the brand and answering the question, ‘is it time for a refresh?’.

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Does my business need a rebrand?

In our latest edition of The MTM Agency’s Think Tank series, Associate Director Richard Broughton and Senior Designer Mike Clewer argue that a brand refresh or revitalisation should be less about your logo and colours and more about understanding perceptions and tackling the disconnect between your brand and its audience.

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Actionable Insights for Your Rebranding Journey

The 'why' is the cornerstone of successful branding projects. In our latest blog, our Associate Director Richard Broughton talks through the steps you should take before embarking on a rebranding journey.

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