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London International Shipping Week 2023

London International Shipping Week is a key event for the maritime industry. It’s the place for new developments and technologies to be revealed, and where key issues take centre stage. Without question, this year’s event will continue to focus on decarbonisation and sustainability, and how the industry is responding to these fundamental challenges. Reflecting MTM’s maritime focus, our activity will demonstrate the commitment our brand partners are placing on sustainable shipping practices and how they are steering the maritime industry toward a more sustainable future.

We're looking forward to connecting our brand partners with their prospects and industry media, and delving into initiatives aimed at reducing the industry's carbon footprint, adopting green technologies, and enhancing overall environmental efficiency.

If you are interested in collaborating on a communication strategy that reaffirms your dedication to this greener future, we'd love to hear from you.

In our latest comment piece, MTM’s Richard Broughton highlights the reasons why unique and tailored decarbonisation communication strategies are a must if you want to achieve the greatest potential impact.

To gain a deeper understanding, read our blog Enhancing business decarbonisation initiatives.

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