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What do successful strategies in the maritime industry look like?


It takes the right mix of insight and experience to successfully navigate the maritime waters

The MTM Agency continues to grow and evolve its capabilities to meet the global challenges faced by our brand partners across the breadth of the maritime sector.

Our agile, integrated approach allows us to create and deliver strategically-driven branding, campaigns, and experiences, leveraging new opportunities through the channels that will be most effective. Our recommendations are informed by our dedicated data analysts, who apply a critical layer of intelligence to ensure we maximise ROI.

ESG strategies have now risen to the top of the agenda with most major brands in the industry, highlighting the importance of carefully planned communication strategies that address the expectations of every stakeholder in order to build brand loyalty and create long-term value.


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When it comes to choosing a new agency partner, you need to know you’ve found a team that can grasp your challenges and opportunities

With decades of collective experience, our dedicated maritime department truly understands the industry, the terminology, the people and the players. We use this insight to deliver strategic consultancy and engaging, creative campaigns to brands within the international shipping, offshore, defence, energy and renewables sectors.

We have worked for dynamic start-ups and leading, global brands across the maritime industry, bringing our collaborative, partnership-based approach to the full breadth of marketing and communications services we offer. We have built a strong international reputation as a trusted, reliable and agile partner, navigating the sector’s complexities and uncovering the relevant insights that ensure you’re seen by key decision makers and achieve the right ROI.


The maritime industry is facing seismic change, with a number of concurrent challenges.

The switch to electric and hybrid technologies, low freight margins, an increasing regulatory burden, the ongoing demand for sustainability, continued global competition, as well as advances in technology and the resulting need for digital transformation, are all driving a radical shift, both operationally and in how the industry players communicate with their audiences.


Our fully-integrated offer, and ability to leverage all available opportunities and channels means we’re able to create highly cost-effective strategies.

Our in-depth knowledge of these specialist markets and audiences, and our access to influential contacts and networks – maintaining long-standing relationships with partner agencies across North America, Australia and Asia – enables us to provide effective counsel on how to evolve and seize opportunities as they appear.