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Meeting Objectives for Growth, Engagement, and SEO Digital


A leader in maritime

Inchcape Shipping Services (ISS) is a leader in maritime services, port agency, supply chain logistics and managed solutions.

Its ethos is centred on realising a better tomorrow through a more connected industry, with its 3100-strong global team at its core. Its website, however, didn't reflect this dynamic and didn't do justice to the brand’s vision, purpose or operations.


Communicating ambition

ISS’ goal in redesigning its site was to demonstrate its global reach, the impact of its activity and the value it provides to the maritime industry worldwide.

The ISS team had a vision for a site that would communicate the brand's story and ambition whilst effectively promoting a diverse range of services and solutions to a global audience.

They wanted to boost website traffic and lead conversion through an expansion of leadership content, and innovative tools that would help ISS' audience navigate the ever-evolving maritime landscape, combined with improved UX informed by the site's analytics and other data insights.

Finally, ISS wanted the site to showcase its people and celebrate their endeavours and achievements, as well as the business's commitment towards a sustainable future for the whole maritime industry.

All of the requirements needed to be delivered via a site that was easy and cost-effective to manage and develop, with a secure, open-source CMS enabling easy expansion of the website's content.


Coordinated delivery

To deliver on these multifaceted requirements, we formulated a website redevelopment plan that encompassed the objectives outlined for the site but also included an SEO strategy to secure top-ranking positions on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Beginning with design and navigation, we worked with ISS' new brand guide to design a site that would be a flexible, scalable digital product, encouraging exploration and engagement while funnelling visitors through clear pathways aligned with their intentions.

To support the brand's desire to keep the site "Simple, easy and straightforward", services and solutions were presented succinctly, aiding the buyer's journey and potential lead conversion, with well-delineated information and clear CTAs across the site. Site imagery was also replaced throughout, with an increased focus on ISS' people, working and supporting customers.

Concurrently, we executed the agreed SEO content strategy. The site’s content was updated, edited and curated, incorporating keywords that reflected both industry trends and the company's offerings.

Custom tools to showcase commitment

ISS was able to showcase its commitment to supporting the industry and innovation through the addition of bespoke, free-to-use tools. The Crew Change Tracker offers real-time insights into global port personnel and related challenges, equipping maritime professionals with critical, timely intelligence. The Suez Canal Rebate calculator uses an API-driven data set to demystify complex rebate structures, enabling users to calculate voyage costs accurately. Meanwhile, the Find a Port/Office application facilitates swift access to essential information about Inchcape's extensive global network of 2200 ports and offices.


Key features

  • User Experience: A user-centric design and navigation enhancements improved engagement to encourage longer page viewing times, repeat visits and reduced bounce rates.
  • SEO: Best-practice approach to page structure and content throughout the site, increasing organic traffic and potential leads.
  • Commercial: The refined presentation of services and solutions, combined with updated navigation, targeted increased lead conversions
  • Brand Resonance: The revamped design and messaging consistently communicate Inchcape's brand values, establishing trust and credibility among visitors.
  • Unique Tools: Innovative tools like the Crew Change Tracker and Suez Canal Rebate calculator helped to solidify Inchcape's position as a pioneer in industry innovation.
  • Compliance and Accessibility: Adherence to accessibility standards aligned with Inchcape's commitment to inclusivity and supporting those with disabilities


Working with MTM has been a universally positive experience, and we are very happy with the results of our ongoing relationship.

David Barker, Head of Global Marketing and Communications, Inchcape Shipping Services.

"The website redevelopment project has given us an intuitive and optimised platform that we can continue to develop, and we are already seeing the results we set out to achieve."

"By synergising commercial objectives, brand alignment, innovative tools, and a considered SEO strategy, we not only redefined ISS' online identity but also helped to affirm its leadership position within the maritime sector. The project underscores the power of a holistic approach to website redevelopment, where SEO harmonises with engagement and growth objectives to deliver an outcome far greater than its constituent parts."

David Barker, Head of Global Marketing and Communications, Inchcape Shipping Services