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Changing perceptions for the next generation Brand

For nearly 200 years, the Law Society has championed solicitors working in the public interest. The organisation is proud of its dynamic and diverse profession, its unrivalled expertise, and how it can draw on its heritage, while setting the stage for the next generation of solicitors and legal professionals.


Changing perceptions for the next generation

The Law Society is campaigning to make the legal profession more modern, diverse, and inclusive, so it was vital that its brand supported its ambitions and reflected its values.

As a result, the Society decided a visual identity refresh was required to align the brand and support its members in the best way it can. This would ensure they are represented consistently and coherently at every touchpoint and help keep them connected with newly qualified solicitors, existing solicitors, and other stakeholders.


Leveraging the opportunity of a brand refresh

An overarching requirement and critical deliverable within the project was to demonstrate the Law Society’s heritage, whilst showcasing its forward facing mindset and drive for change.

To achieve the desired outcome, the brief included the following:

  • Perform the required research and brand appraisal, bringing together a representative group of stakeholders to understand the Society and its future direction.
  • Create a comprehensive design refresh, ensuring consistent delivery across all assets and future requirements.
  • Introduce a revised logo and design led colour palette.
  • Develop major brand elements, such as font and logos with accessibility in mind.
  • Introduce new photography, graphical devises, and imagery.
  • Create templates to standardise documentation.

The client’s benefits were defined as:

  • A modernised identity that better reflects the profession today and tomorrow
  • To make the brand as accessible and inclusive as possible
  • Greater flexibility to better support each of the Law Society’s different sectors and communications
  • Drive cost efficiencies and a more efficient work approach to asset development
  • To create a look and feel that differentiates the brand from its peers and competitors


Setting the stage

LS Corp Strategy Mock Up

Discovery workshops

We worked closely with the Law Society’s team to develop a coherent design strategy and comprehensive brand identity. A challenging aspect of this project was that the strategy needed to work across a broad range of categories, including creating corporate assets, promotional material, merchandise, and imagery.

As part of our discovery process, we held a series of workshops with representatives from across the organisation to understand current requirements and challenges. We discussed the differences between the Society’s audiences (members, prospects, political stakeholders, industry professionals and the public) and their individual needs.

Law Society Logo Evolution Ident V2a SMALL


Reflecting on our conclusions from the discovery process, it was agreed that the new brand identity needed to be positional and aspirational, support the long-term corporate strategy and vision; whilst being easy to use and accessible.

The brand needed to provide a clean, premium profile, combining heritage with modernity, leveraging bespoke image treatments and abstract graphic elements to create a strong brand character and distinctive look and feel.

Our approach to imagery also needed to demonstrate the society’s key values of clarity, respect, trust and excellence.

Law Society Case Study Visual

Visual identity guidelines & creative brand playbook

Once the visual identity was agreed and the guidelines created, we moved on to the playbook. Within this detailed document, we explored:

  • How to apply the brand
  • How to use logos, fonts, colours, tables, graphics, and charts
  • Accessibility standards
  • Tone of voice
  • Writing style
  • Social media, photography/ film
  • Visual examples for branded assets and layouts
  • Templates on presentations and reports


“Throughout the last two years working with MTM, we have created a more accessible, design led, audience focused visual identity that reflects our members.”

Chloe Cooper - Brand Marketing Manager