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Associated British Ports (ABP)

Development of the annual review for one of the UK's leading port operators Digital


Showcasing a commitment to innovation

In 2023, ABP selected MTM to develop an annual review document that would engage its stakeholders with a compelling presentation.

The report needed to detail its investments and commercial strategy but also highlight the company's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the well-being of its employees and communities.


Bring the narrative to life

The MTM design team created a cohesive visual concept that incorporated the colours, typography, and visual elements aligned with ABP's brand, overlaid with elements of the Union Flag.

The document utilised infographics, photographs of employees at work, and bespoke illustrations to engage readers and convey a wealth of information in an accessible manner.

Commitment to sustainability and innovation

At the heart of the annual report was the sustainability and innovation showcase section. This segment featured case studies on key projects that demonstrated ABP's commitment to sustainability and innovation. From renewable energy installations to smart port technologies, the report highlighted tangible examples of ABP's positive impact on the environment and the industry.

MTM Case Study ABP and Inchcap Asset

Humanising the workforce

ABP's employees play a pivotal role in the company's success. Reflecting this, the annual report dedicated a section to employee activities and award successes, sharing their stories, achievements, and contributions to the organisation. By humanising the workforce, ABP showcased the people who enable the company to thrive.

The results

Reaching and engaging a wider audience

The annual report received overwhelmingly positive feedback from stakeholders. The interactive digital format allowed ABP to reach a wider audience, and the engaging design kept readers invested throughout the report. The emphasis on innovation, sustainability, and people demonstrated ABP's alignment with the evolving expectations of the industry and society. The report solidified ABP's reputation as a responsible and forward-thinking port operator.