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The MTM Agency's Think Tank series: Future-proofing UX

Creating an award-winning platform

MTM’s brand partner Equity has won an award. The website we designed and built in partnership with the performing arts trade union won Best Organising and Recruitment Tool at the 2023 TUC Trade Union Comms Awards.

As the UK’s trade union dedicated to performers and creative practitioners, one of Equity’s key priorities is accessibility but without sacrificing the creative flair which is integral to the industry it represents and its own brand identity.

The performing arts industry is a dance of creativity and identity. Learn how MTM championed both without compromise, crafting an accessible platform for the industry's best.

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Accessibility and user experience

In our latest edition of The MTM Agency’s Think Tank series, Senior Digital Producer Lanara Bayliss is joined by Digital Design Executive Jack Lewis and Principal Developer Stuart Greig to discuss how the MTM team constructed the award winning site.

Creating seamless UX, a solid content hierarchy and the process of transposing a brand look and feel from print to digital is all explored by the team who created the site. Perhaps most important is the site’s AA rating for accessibility which the team suggest was achieved through considering aspects such as colour contrast ratios and alt text meaning screen readers can pick up on images.

To find out more about the MTM agency’s collaboration with brand partner Equity, read the full length case study below