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Reach engaged customers in the Southampton area using highly targeted advertising techniques.


Finding local audiences to maximise conversions

As a dedicated Southampton PPC agency, we are here to help inform and manage your localised paid ads using innovative, data-led techniques. Our PPC experts are highly skilled at deciphering historical campaign data, internal database information and more, enabling us to craft fully bespoke PPC campaigns that target the local audiences most likely to convert.

Our localised PPC strategies are designed to help Southampton-based businesses achieve their goals, whether that be to increase reach, boost brand visibility or maximise conversions. We are a hands-on team who will work with you to understand your business, your goals and your budget, effectively acting as an extension of your team. As part of the process, we will delve into location-based keyword research and geo targeting among other techniques in order to build out a concise, robust PPC strategy that targets the right people, at the right time, with the right content. Depending on your audience and goals, we are able to plan, create, customise and manage advertising campaigns across various platforms, including (but not limited to): Meta, LinkedIn, X, TikTok, Google, Bing and Amazon.


Increasing impact via the best channels

Researching the types of channels your ideal audiences are most invested in is another measure we take to ensure we gain the best results possible for your brand. We want all our client partners to feel confident that we are putting their business in the most effective places, and in doing so, we can ensure that every penny of your spend budget is allocated to the correct channels, helping us to achieve peak ROI for each and every one of your campaigns.


Continually learning to improve your ads

As part of our full-circle ads management service, our expert in-house PPC team is always looking for ways in which to improve our client partners’ local ads. This involves evaluating each ads’ effectiveness within each channel, and continually adapting and optimising to ensure every campaign is as successful as possible.

In order to provide full transparency, our client partners have access to a live digital performance dashboard, featuring a whole host of metrics including ad spend, impressions, click through rate, search terms, and more. This allows you to monitor and examine the progress of your PPC campaigns 24/7.

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Who is The MTM Agency?

MTM is an award-winning PPC agency in Southampton, based along the waterfront at Ocean Village Marina. Since our inception in 2009, we have had the pleasure of working with a whole range of clients across varying industries, but we have unparalleled experience within the sports, construction, marine and membership industries.

If you are searching for an award-winning, results-driven Southampton PPC agency, we help our local client partners increase their brand presence, driving traffic, leads and conversions.

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Technology driven marketing communications and insight-led brand activations, combining bright innovative thinking with outstanding digital experiences to accelerate positive change.

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We give meaning to the numbers.

Our research team gathers, analyses and interprets audience insights and big data to give you the clarity you need to outperform the market.

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We use intelligence to deliver growth.

Our strategy teams work with you to define your opportunities and envision your future, building a roadmap to achieving your goals through our experience, insight and creativity.

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We’re obsessed with brand value.

We transform brands into powerful tools for engaging audiences and driving behavioural change. We uncover what makes your brand relevant, distinctive, and credible in order to turn strategy and insights into compelling brand stories.

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We’re creative innovation specialists.

We work at the intersection of creativity, content, and digital to reimagine what a brand experience looks like. We create products, services and experiences that are unique, immersive, curated and connected.

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We think the results should speak for themselves.

Our team of specialists work collaboratively to maximise the value of your activity at scale. From media relations to fully-integrated campaigns, we make sure we exceed your audience’s expectations with the quality and consistency of our delivery.

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