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Airbus Pléiades Neo

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Drive awareness on a global scale

For Airbus, Pléiades Neo represents its most advanced optical constellation, with four identical satellites, delivering the best of ultra high-resolution imagery, combined with inter-day revisit capabilities and rapid delivery for geospatial services.

The MTM Agency was employed to drive awareness of this on a global scale.


Reflecting the audience’s real challenges

Airbus’ target audiences are continually tasked with complex, high-risk, high value challenges and decisions. In turn, experiences that can mitigate risk, provide security, reassure, and enhance personal and organisational reputation are key to achieving the project’s longer-term objectives.

The content we created brought the Pléiades Neo story to life in a way which reflected its audience’s real challenges. We needed the audience to see the value Pléiades Neo could provide, and in order to do that, our messaging needed to be relevant and engaging.


Using existing knowledge to amplify results

Airbus and the MTM agency have enjoyed a successful, eight year long working relationship. This understanding of Airbus put us in an excellent position to deliver on the launch of Pléiades Neo.

Airbus was looking for a creative marketing agency to develop a brand, messaging and comprehensive communications campaign, with supporting marketing materials to achieve the following:

- To drive global awareness of the Pléiades Neo launch
- To highlight the investment Airbus has made and its commitment to the project
- To engage a global audience and build excitement in the run up to the launch and beyond
- Position Pléiades Neo’s capabilities and benefits across relevant vertical markets
- Support the communication goals of the launch, which was delayed due to Covid-19
- To continue communications after the launch to maintain awareness and support commercial activities across key global markets.

Delivering success, adaptability and creativity

Originally planned for launch in summer 2020, the global pandemic meant the launch of the first satellite had to be postponed until August 2021. During this time, our comms plans were adapted to keep the conversation going while the world waited for the pandemic’s grip to loosen.

The key focus of our marketing activity and programme included:

  • Developing a creative brand identity for the Pléiades Neo constellation
  • Developing a messaging strategy and framework highlighting the key points of difference, investment, research and development, technical capabilities and vision of Airbus and the team behind the programme
  • Supporting the launch, promotion and campaign with a comprehensive range of print and digital assets, as well as newsletters, creative social media assets, email campaigns
  • Developing video content to promote the launch and the constellation’s capabilities for both internal and external audiences
  • To support Airbus’ sales function with bespoke presentations and creative assets for more than 15 countries
  • Developing case studies and editorial content to communicate key features and benefits to commercial markets around the world
  • Designing and producing event graphics, exhibition spaces and supporting literature
  • Organising and delivering live events during the satellites’ launch, showcasing the rockets used to transport the Pleiades Neo satellites into space, as well as edited videos of the launch for use across owned and social channels
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Robust Awareness Programme

This campaign needed to drive sales through a robust awareness programme, which would convey Pléiades Neo's capabilities in exciting and unique ways to help Airbus deliver on its investment.
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Bite-size Storytelling

Our strategy included a proposal of bite-size storytelling, which would bring information to life and build excitement through a range of content and creative assets, distributed regularly through key channels throughout the extended campaign.
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Prioritise Content

We re-prioritised content in an agile way, ensuring the messaging remained consistent during the elongated timeframe, where a steady drumbeat of communications was published to keep the conversation going.


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