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Celebrating One Tasking's 1 year anniversary with Airbus

The service offers a real advantage, enabling users to flexibly capture their area of interest with a high-resolution satellite sensor, when decision-making needs to happen quickly based on almost-real-time information. For example, it is used in the agriculture; defence and security; forestry; oil, gas and mining; and civil engineering sectors.

Over a year ago, the MTM Agency was proud to be selected to support the new satellite-tasking service from the prelaunch strategic planning stage through to post-launch activities to position and establish the offer in its varied, complex target markets. Over the year, much has been achieved in building and increasing awareness of the service, and in obtaining a competitive position for One Tasking within the satellite imagery market.

Looking Back - How the Journey Began

Our journey with the client began by proposing a name for Airbus’ new service that would complement the company’s stellar portfolio. Following a brainstorming process, One Tasking was born, with the service’s four products aptly labelled OneDay, OneNow, OnePlan and OneSeries to unify each of One Tasking’s distinct offerings. Our design team worked to develop a creative concept to accompany One Tasking’s new-found brand identity, with the focal camera graphic symbolising the ease and accessibility of the service, suggesting that tasking a satellite is as simple as taking a photograph. Success was achieved by launching the product specifically for each key market, making information relevant and accessible to the corresponding reader. To achieve this, we gained in-depth market knowledge for each vertical marketplace and worked with One Tasking in developing individual press releases targeting different sectors to announce the launch of the service. Email campaigns tailored to each market were created to share these press releases, utilising a carefully compiled distribution list featuring highly relevant media contacts. As a result, One Tasking secured coverage in specialised trade publications with a readership that reflected the service’s target client bases, which has increased recognition amongst those key decision makers. Through a dedicated PR communication strategy, One Tasking has been successfully positioned as a cost-effective service providing valuable intelligence to the relevant vertical markets.

One Year On

Developing One Tasking’s digital presence has been pivotal in establishing the product as a key player in the satellite imagery market. On the day of One Tasking’s one-year-anniversary, a microsite for the service showcasing relevant case studies was released, which has already become the core digital touchpoint for prospects to discover more about One Tasking. The bespoke website, which was designed and developed by MTM, is built around the service’s impressive case studies highlighting how One Tasking has been implemented within the different industries. These case studies range from emergency response planning to the assessment of construction sites. Not only did we create One Tasking’s web-design but we also supported website content creation, writing case studies to develop detailed project overviews that showcase the service’s success. Also featured prominently on One Tasking’s microsite is a video animation created by MTM. It communicates the applications and ease of use of One Tasking within the targeted vertical markets. By investing in a corporate video, One Tasking has experienced benefits such as improved visitor engagement, with the rich-video content also positively impacting on the site’s SEO.

It has undoubtedly been a hugely successful year for One Tasking, and we are honoured to be continuing to support the client’s marketing activities.

Through our work with One Tasking, MTM has gained another Airbus DS project in which we will be supporting the launch and promotion of another new service, Emergency 24/7.