A brighter digital future for Nautilus International's members

by Alice – 27th April 2018

Imagine an organisation with over 22,000 members based all over the world, including many at sea, men and women at every stage of their career and hungry for regular information, updates and critical support…this is Nautilus International.


The challenge

We were tasked with creating a digital platform that reflected the unique relationship Nautilus has with its members, that could work on any device and the lowest of bandwidths, it needed to project the organisations forward-thinking brand and convey the critical messages of protection and support for members.
No small challenge, but one that The MTM Agency team took on without hesitation.

Our approach

The new began with a journey of discovery. The MTM Agency team, including communications strategists, digital designers and user experience (UX) experts worked hand-in-hand with Nautilus’ leadership team and key stakeholders to understand the union’s position in the marketplace, the challenges it and it’s members face, and the opportunities for growth.

During this phase of the project, we identified Nautilus’ key business objectives as being member retention, renewal and regrowth of lapsed memberships.

The ‘exploration’ phase was the most crucial of the entire process, the website had to be user-centric and driven by their requirements. We immersed ourselves in Nautilus, interviewing internal teams, visiting the organisations headquarters, meeting seafarers on the ocean and in action, listening to newly graduated sea cadets and drawing out an understanding from every person what they needed from the new Nautilus site. We then ran an online survey through the existing site which revealed a number of significant findings.

The MTM Agency team has the skills and expertise to design and build any type of digital platform, from .NET to PHP, licensed or open source. What we recommend for each client is based purely on their need and requirements. We took the wealth of accumulated Nautilus knowledge and began an assessment process, which led to the selection of Episerver for the site’s CMS because it fully fulfilled the technical requirements we had.

We then leveraged the latest ‘atomic design’ techniques and fully optimised and minified jquery and CSS to create a site that would perform in low bandwidth conditions, whilst still delivering a rich desktop experience.

(Anecdotally, shortly after launch, we were informed the site was being used on a submarine without issue.)

Our expert team created a site which responded to all the key findings and user feedback. It is clean and clear, offers simple user journeys, provides  members with a personalised membership experience and fast access to key information. The site is multi-lingual and multi-regional, it offers a ‘best-in-class’ membership engine, magazine-style media sections and user engagement at every opportunity.

Delivering a site which is enjoyable and effective for users is always the primary goal of any website development project, but ensuring the editing experience is easy to use and highly intuitive is of almost equal importance. We strived for, and delivered, a CMS experience that empowered the Nautilus team to achieve more than ever before. We ensured the site seamlessly integrated with Nautilus’s CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, so member management was slick and painless. The internal team can easily build perfectly designed new pages from scratch in minutes, or simply add new content in seconds. We didn’t just create a site and hand it over, we worked as part of the Nautilus team so they were involved and learning through the entire process.

The results

The site went live in March 2018. Since then the site has garnered superb feedback from members and Nautilus International staff alike. Below are just some of statistics that demonstrate the efficacy of our work.

Noteworthy functional elements of the new Nautilus International site

  1. Superbly functioning low bandwidth site
  2. Enhanced membership area
  3. Optimised joining forms
  4. Excellent editing experience
  5. Multi-lingual/multi-regional site
  6. Fully responsive design
  7. Taking ‘The Telegraph’ printed publication online
  8. Best in class membership organisation site experience

Our client perspective

“Several things impressed us about The MTM Agency team from the start. Their enthusiasm, their engagement and their inquisitiveness above all. They are curious about what we do and keen to help us improve it. They have involved our core team during the whole discovery and development journey but they also interviewed and questioned people who would be using the system to find out what the audience really needed.

The proposed solution fitted perfectly with us and was managed into development, testing and deployment with the minimum of fuss. We are very happy with the resultant website. The MTM Agency itself is made up of small teams of very capable people all of whom are completely approachable. They take a ‘human’ view of resolving issues and we look forward to an ongoing relationship as our traffic increases and we extend our site.

Roger Garside Consultant IT Manager

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